Social Studies WASSCE 2015 NOV/DEC Private

1. A positive view of an individual’s capabilities is his/her

A. status
B. self-confidence
C. self-concept
D. aspirations

2. A factor which does not influence the development of the self-image of an individual is

A. wealth
B. peer influence
C. experience
D. education and training

3. The basic level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory is

A. safety needs
B. physiological needs
C. esteem needs
D. social needs

4. Reproductive health education requires the provision of suitable and acceptable

A. health service
B. customer care service
C. confidential service
D. information service

5. Irresponsible adolescent behaviours can be minimized through the following factors except

A. guidance and counseling
B. faithfulness and divorce
C. education and training
D. patience and tolerance

6. Which of the following measures can best promote cordial gender relations?

A. organization of single gender competitions
B. identifying shortcomings of females
C. giving priority to female education
D. showing mutual respect and equality

7. A common practice endorsed by both Traditional and Islamic religions is

A. showing reverence to the ancestors
B. marrying more than one wife
C. burying the dead with ornaments
D. showing reverence to gods

8. Which of the following factors is not a focus in the celebration of traditional festivals?

A. mobilization of funds for development projects
B. free medical examination sponsored by the chief
C. deliberate opportunity for the citizens to socialize
D. opportunity for the people to embark on tourism

9. The basis for all marriage in Ghana is

A. Islamic marriage
B. Customary marriage
C. Christian marriage
D. Ordinance marriage

10. The main purpose of courtship is to enable the would-be suitors to

A. seeks counseling
B. love each other
C. announce their intentions
D. study each other

11. A child’s responsibilities to the family do not include

A. running errands for the peers
B. respecting the parents
C. ensuring the survival of members
D. washing dishes after meals

12. A married couple, their children and all relations constitute the

A. extended family
B. external family
C. composite family
D. primary family

13. Irresponsible parenting can result in

A. increased unemployment
B. high maternal mortality
C. broken homes
D. religious conflicts

14. Which of the following factors is not an agent of socialization?

A. Teachers
B. Religious leaders
C. Parents
D. The mass media

15. The school system undermines the socialization process in Ghana because, it places more emphasis on

A. character training
B. book knowledge
C. attitude training
D. skills development

16. One effect of global warming on the earth is the increase in the levels of

A. oxygen
B. nitrogen
C. carbon dioxide
D. ozone gas

17. Gold miners pollute streams and rivers with

A. gasoline
B. cyanide
C. carbon dioxide
D. sodium chloride

18. For education to play its role in society, it must be structured to meet the aims and aspirations of

A. the entire citizens
B. only the illiterate
C. only the educated
D. the ruling government

19. One positive contribution of formal education in Ghana is the

A. increased demand for local products
B. high rate of urban-rural marriage
C. acceptance of cross-cultural marriage
D. increased preference for white collar jobs

20. An advantage of the principle of self-reliance is that it enables countries to

A. have access to foreign loans
B. develop their economies
C. attract foreign investors
D. maximize utilization of resources

21. Which of the following measures is the most effective means of resolving ethnic conflicts?

A. mediation between the feuding parties
B. banishing the ring leaders
C. arrest of suspected trouble makers
D. seizure of illegal arms

22. One leadership style that promotes effective participation of followers is

A. laissez-faire
B. democratic
C. autocratic
D. paternalistic

23. Which of the following traits must not be associated with the follower?

A. seeking out for responsibilities
B. giving good suggestions to solve problems
C. carrying out assigned tasks
D.. taking passive approach to issues

24. A function of a leader in nation building is

A. initiating policies to solve problems
B. giving impressive speeches at functions
C. eliminating poverty in the whole society
D. working with only the rich in society

25. The mechanism for preventing abuse of authority among the institutions of government is known as

A. separation of powers
B. checks and balances
C. balance of power
D. rule of law

26. An individual can play a key role in nation building by

A. organizing people in demonstrations
B. criticizing the policies of the government
C. being a member of a political party
D. taking part in communal activities

27. The right of the individual in a nation to work and earn income is termed as

A. occupational right
B. natural right
C. economic right
D. social right

28. Citizens are expected to obey the laws of their nations because

A. they can lose their citizenship status
B. the state provides all their needs
C. it is their responsibility
D. they want to be enlisted in the security agencies

29. The rights of citizens can be curtailed in a democratic state when he/she

A. participates in voluntary service in the community
B. fulfills his/her tax obligations
C. criticizes the government constructively
D. suffers from dangerous infectious disease

30. The form of cooperation that exists between Ghana and any other individual member country of the African Union is described as

A. multinational cooperation
B. multilateral cooperation
C. bilateral cooperation
D. regional cooperation

31. The main benefit Ghana derives from trading with other countries is

A. getting food which she is unable to produce
B. getting aid for her refugees
C. creating employment for political parties
D. improvement in foreign relations

32. The inability of the Ghanaian youth to contribute effectively to national development is mainly due to

A. negative work attitudes
B. lack of requisite technical skills
C. absence of white collar jobs
D. irresponsible nature of the youth

33. One role the youth can play in national development is

A. protesting violently against corrupt public officials
B. helping to protest state property
C. felling trees for fuel wood production
D. allowing only the elderly to protect the environment

34. The process of utilizing scientific knowledge to satisfy human needs through ingenuity and creativity is

A. science
B. productivity
C. engineering
D. technology

35. One benefit of science and technology to society is the

A. traditional timing of the seasons of farming
B. production of drugs with correct concentration
C. ensuring of effective prioritization of projects
D. production of drugs with incorrect concentration

36. One condition that forms the basis for national development is

A. positive work ethics
B. human resource development
C. government development policy
D. adequate capital formation

37. Labour force becomes more useful for production when it is

A. well nourished
B. urban based
C. highly paid
D. well trained

38. As a citizen living outside your traditional community, you can beset contribute to development projects in your home community by

A. providing arms to the youth
B. joining a vigilante group
C. giving financial contributions
D. providing communal labour

39. The best way to get an individual to participate in community development project is through

A. political influence
B. legal action
C. civic education
D. political action

40. The ultimate positive impact of a buoyant economy is the

A. improvement in the quality of life
B. in-flow of foreign capital
C. attraction of foreign investors
D. appreciation of the local currency

41. The most outstanding policy which has been undertaken by the government to improve the health delivery system in Ghana is the

A. posting of community health nurses to rural areas
B. introduction of the national health insurance scheme
C. improvement in service conditions of health workers
D. trading of more medical specialists to man hospitals

42. One factor which is mostly lacking in Ghana’s efforts to develop is

A. natural resources
B. indigenous technology
C. democratic governance
D. skilled personnel

43. Achieving marked improvement in the standard of living of a people in a country is an indication of

A. economic growth
B. economic development
C. cultural development
D. social benefit

44. Which of the following factors is not an avenue for planning future financial security?

A. insurance schemes
B. buying shares
C. bank loans
D. monthly savings

45. Roads and bridges can best be sustained through

A. the use of services of civil engineers in constructing them
B. effective collection of tolls for rehabilitating them
C. controlling heavy duty cargo vehicles from using them
D. the use of quality materials for their construction

46. The safest way of not falling into the trap of financial fraudsters it to transact business with

A. foreign banks in the country
B. banks with computerized systems
C. the use of credit cards
D. reputable registered banks

47. Effective family planning makes it possible for couples to

A. increase fertility rates
B. have small family sizes
C. have belief in large families
D. sustain marital stability

48. The growth rate of Ghana’s population has increased in recent years because of

A. increased food production
B. better social security schemes
C. a decline in mortality rate
D. regular use of contraceptives

49. Poor sanitation at the work place leads to

A. high profit margins
B. decrease in productivity
C. decrease in accidents
D. increase in productivity

50. Any lawful endeavor undertaken by an individual to earn a living is referred to as

A. skill
B. productivity
C. attitude
D. work

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