Social Studies WASSCE 2011 NOV/DEC Private

1. The liberty of the individual in the Ghanaian society can be curtailed when one

A. speaks one’s mind
B. refuses to vote
C. joins the opposition party
D. deserts national service

2. The extended family system in the Ghanaian society has been undermined by

A. formal education
B. lack of educational facilities
C. rural-urban migration
D. influx of foreigners

3. The bringing together of all individuals in a nation,based on common cultural traits is termed national

A. allegiance
B. identity
C. co-operation
D. pledge

4. The best way to ensure proper handling of currency notes is

A. encouraging more saving
B. providing wallets to workers
C. intensifying public education
D. printing of more currency notes

5. A society is said to be dynamic when its culture

A. undergoes constant change
B. varies from others
C. is preserved
D. is homogeneous

6. A leader and a follower are inseparable because

A. both are partners in the development process
B. they belong to the same religion
C. they have the same level of education
D. they have the same ethnic background

7. The greatest employer of labour in Ghana is the

A. telecommunication industry
B. banking industry
C. public enterprise
D. construction industry

8. The process of production is said to be complete when the goods

A. reach the warehouse
B. reach the final consumer
C. have been packaged
D. are ready for distribution

9. Which of the following is not a cultural value of Ghana?

A. celibacy
B. tolerance
C. modesty
D. sympathy

10. One result of a breakdown in constitutional rule is that it leads to

A. illiteracy
B. depletion of natural resources
C. decrease in mining activities
D. insecurity

11. A common feature of the extended family system in Ghana is

A. high level of integrity
B. security for all members
C. prosperity for all
D. formal education for all

12. The organ of the objectives of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development [NEPAD] initiative is to

A. eradicate all forms of colonialism from Africa
B. accelerate the empowerment of women
C. promote peace in Africa
D. remove all trade barriers

13. The organ charged with the administration of the African Union[AU] is the

A. Commission
B. Assembly
C. Executive council
D. Pan African parliament

14. Which of the following is true about autocratic leadership?

A. sharing of responsibilities with followers
B. ability to carry people along
C. encouragement of divide and rule
D. readiness to take quick decisions

15. The most important agency of primary socialization is the

A. community
B. school
C. media
D. home

16. The arrangement whereby newly married couples establish their own household helps

A. prevent divorce
B. limit in-law interference
C. promote unending love
D. prevent domestic violence

17. Which of the following can not promote sustained growth and development in Ghana?

A. reliance on foreign aid
B. good quality resources
C. maintenance culture
D. education and training

18. A rapid population growth in a country

A. reduces the size of the older group
B. reduces the size of the working group
C. expands the size of the young group
D. expands the size of the older group

19. A citizen can play a key role in nation building by

A. being a member of a political party
B. constructively criticising the policies of the government
C. being a member of a voluntary organization
D. making donations to religious bodies

20. In oder to fully exploit her natural resources, Ghana need to

A. train more skilled manpower
B. expand her foreign trade
C. reduce the rate of population growth
D. employ more foreign administrators

21. Underpopulation occurs when a country’s population is

A. made up mostly of people under eighteen years
B. declining at a fast rate
C. less than the available resources
D. more than the available resources

22. Which of the following performs a parenthood rule?

A. A woman who works in a nursery
B. A woman who has her own child
C. A couple who adopts a child
D. An older sibling who takes care of a younger one

23. In the Ghanaian traditional society, a family is defined as a set of people

A. who practice the same religion
B. who speak the same language
C. living in the same community
D. who are related by blood

24. The value and customs passed on to a people from their ancestors are referred to as

A. heritage
B. taboos
C. folklore
D. lineage

25. The privileges conferred by law and nature on an individual because of his/her membership in a community are regards as

A. inheritance
B. rights
C. honours
D. reward

26. The ultimate foal of Maslow’s theory of needs is the

A. desire for self-actualization
B. need for security
C. need for satisfy hunger and shelter
D. need for self-esteem

27. The process or parenthood stops only when

A. parents give out their children in marriage
B. parents are no longer alive
C. children start to work
D. children complete their education

28. Environmental protection involves

A. giving farmers extension services
B. keeping animals in tile zoo
C. controlling the destructive activities of man
D. controlling population growing

29. The role of an individual in a community includes all the following except

A. volunteering information
B. taking part in communal labour
C. voting at elections
D. collection of taxes

30. A book containing all cash and bank transactions or a business enterprise is called

A. Bank statement
B. Purchase Day Book
C. Sale Day Book
D. Cash book

31. When two countries decide to work together on economic political and social basis to enhance progress and development,they are promoting

A. bilateral co-operation
B. economic co-operation
C. international co-operation
D. multi-lateral co-operation

32. In a limited liability company risks are borne by the

A. shareholders
B. partners
C. government
D. directors

33. To ensure efficient use of human resource in Ghana, the government should

A. appoint only members of the ruling party to key positions
B. appoint only qualified people to occupy key positions
C. redeploy more civil servants to the rural areas
D. pay higher wages and salaries

34. One advantage of an adolescent girl abstaining from pre-marital sex is

A. getting a better marriage partner
B. protections from unwanted pregnancy
C. giving birth to intelligent children
D. getting better employment

35. A body of knowledge about our physical world acquire through systematic enquiry and mental effort is

A. technology
B. invention
C. innovation
D. science

36. A youthful population with a high fertility rate implies

A. high employment rate
B. low cost of living
C. better understanding or family planning methods
D. high dependency burden

37. A characteristic of a traditional government is that

A. there is no organized opposition
B. there is no consensus building
C. the chief is a dictator
D. the chief serves for a definite period

38. A leader who capitalizes on old age to determine and procedures for the group is

A. democratic
B. paternalistic
C. charismatic
D. autocratic

39. To be enstooled as a chief in the traditional Ghanaian society the candidate must

A. possess a strong physique
B. be affiliated to the ruling party
C. have a good character
D. be generous to people

40. To meet the man power needs of the Ghanaian society

A. salaries of workers must be increased
B. the government must invite more foreign workers
C. education goals must be geared towards acquisition of skills
D. adequate incentives should be given to workers

41. Open political competition is commonly associated with a system of government known as

A. oligarchy
B. monarchy
C. democracy
D. communism

42. Which of the following does not constitute social development?

A. Protective visitors
B. Setting up industries
C. Being sensitive to societal norms
D. Better attitudes toward one another

43. In which of the following sectors would you place an individual employed to serve customers in a bank?

A. Primary
B. Tertiary
C. Secondary
D. Extractive

44. The classification of marriage by residence whereby the couples live separately in their homes is

A. neolocal
B. duolocal
C. patrilocal
D. matrilocal

45. Partnership is more preferred to sole proprietorship in Ghana because

A. there is spread of risk
B. it encourages quick decision making
C. it is easy to form
D. there is absence of conflict

46. A major benefit Ghana derives from trading with other countries is

A. improvement in foreign relations
B. getting aid for disaster victims
C. getting goods which she is unable to produce
D. creating employment avenues for her people

47. A business enterprise can best be sustained by

A. producing high quality goods as affordable prices
B. producing more goods and services
C. often changing prices of goods
D. employing more workers in the industrial sector

48. Which of the following best explains the term technology?

A. knowledge acquire through the use of computers
B. The use of sophisticated machinery to produce weapons of war
C. the use of scientific knowledge of satisfy human needs
D. The knowledge acquired through systematic enquiry

49. One procedure for the settlement of labour disputes is through

A. confrontation
B. arbitration
C. agitation
D. intimidation

50. Primary production involves

A. extraction of goods from natural resources
B. distribution of goods to consumers
C. rendering of services to people
D. the use of machines to add value to goods

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