Social Studies BECE 1998

August 1998
45 minutes

1. When the scale of a map is expressed in the form of a ratio, it is known as

A. statement scale
B. linear scale
C. open divided scale
D. representative fraction
E. diagonal scale

2. The conventional sign on a map represents

A. spot height
B. trigonometrical station
C. conical hill
D. settlement type
E. distance

3. Which of the following is not an element of the weather?

A. Rain
B. Wind
C. Cloud
D. Sunshine
E. Dust

4. The leading producer of cotton in Africa is

A. Mali
B. Egypt
C. Uganda
D. South Africa
E. Zimbabwe

5. Bauxite is the raw material for the production of

A. brass
B. steel
C. aluminium
D. bronze
E. copper

6. Which of the following towns in Africa is associated with the production of petroleum?

A. Nsuta
B. Takoradi
C. Jos
D. Port Harcourt
E. Johannesburg

7. Which ethnic group in Ghana migrated from the region?

A. Akan
B. Gonja
C. Mole-Dagbon
D. Ga
E. Ewe

8. The largest vegetation zone in West Africa is the

A. tropical rain forest
B. sudan savanna
C. guinea savanna
D. mangrove swamp

9. The immediate cause of the 1948 riots was

A. the killing of the veterans
B. the high cost of living
C. looting and boycott of European goods
D. burning of European stores

10. A set of rules that protects the lives of the people and shows how a nation should be governed is known as

A. conventions
B. constitution
C. rules
D. regulations
E. customs

11. The pest which spreads river blindness is

A. stimulium fly
B. tsetse fly
C. housefly
D. mosquito
E. capsid

12. After the Sagrenti war in 1874, a peace treaty was signed at

A. Fomena
B. Ejisu
C. Cape Coast
D. Kumasi
E. Accra

13. Which of the following is engaged in tertiary production?

A. Carpenter
B. Farmer
C. Miner
D. Teacher
E. Hunter

14. The head of the extended family among the Akans is called

A. Abusuapanin
B. Krontihene
C. Nifahene
D. Nana
E. Kyidomhene

15. Coins and paper money are issued in Ghana by the

A. Ghana Commercial Bank
B. Social Security Bank
C. National Investment Bank
D. Bank of Ghana
E. Bank for Housing and Construction

16. The Greenwich Meridian passes through

A. Accra
B. Kumasi
C. Sunyani
D. Tamale
E. Tema

17. What is the southernmost point of Ghana?

A. Cape Coast
B. Cape Three Points
C. Cape Verde
D. Cape of Good Hope
E. Cape Agulhas

18. The total land area of Ghana is approximately

A. 218,447 km2
B. 228,447 km2
C. 238,447 km2
D. 258,447 km2
E. 338,447 km2

19. The North-East Trade Winds are

A. Monsoon
B. Fohn
C. Easterlies
D. Harmattan
E. Westerlies

20. Which of the following is not a product of the forest zone of West Africa?

A. Coffee
B. Cocoa
C. Oil Palm
D. Kola
E. Shea

21. The settlement regarded as the spiritual home of the Dagombas is

A. Gambaga
B. Diara
C. Daboya
D. Salaga
E. Yendi

22. Which Asante leader brought all his people together to form the Asante Kingdom?

A. Osei Tutu
B. Agyeman Prempeh I
C. Obiri Yeboah
D. Opoku Ware I
E. Kusi Obodum

23. Which of the following is not a festival of harvest?

A. Foo of Navrongo
B. Ohum of Akyem Abuakwa
C. Akwambo of Ajumako
D. Odehuro of Akuapem
E. Homowo of Ga mashie

24. The title of the paramount chief of Gonja is

A. Ya-Na
B. Yagbon Wura
C. Otumfuo
D. Awoamefia
E. Navro-Pio

25. The first governor of the Gold Coast Colony was appointed in

A. 1821
B. 1850
C. 1874
D. 1900
E. 1957

26. The railway line from Dunkwa to Awaso was built by Governor

A. Sir Charles McCarthy
B. Sir Gordon Guggisberg
C. Sir Alan Burns
D. Captain Maclean
E. Lord Listowel

27. The first General Secretary of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) was

A. Kwame Nkrumah
B. J. B. Danquah
C. Arko Adjei
D. George Grant
E. Obetsebi Lamptey

28. The first general election in the history of Ghana was held in

A. 1949
B. 1951
C. 1955
D. 1957
E. 1960

29. What body replaced the League of Nations after the Second World War


30. How many seats were contested for in the 1992 Parliamentary elections in Ghana?

A. 100
B. 110
C. 154
D. 200
E. 210

31. The birds in the Coat-of-Arms of Ghana are

A. crows
B. hawks
C. eagles
D. parrots
E. vultures

32. Who was the head of state of Ghana between 1957 and 1960?

A. Kwame Nkrumah
B. Queen Elizabeth II
C. Akuffo Addo
D. Lt. Gen. Ankrah
E. K. A. Busia

33. The first Europeans to come to the Gold Coast landed at

A. Cape Coast
B. Elmina
C. Axim
D. Accra
E. Kumasi

34. The head of the judiciary in Ghana is the

A. President
B. Attorney-General
C. Speaker of Parliament
D. Chief Justice
E. Auditor General

35. The President of Ghana is sworn into office by the

A. Attorney-General
B. Chief Justice
C. Speaker of Parliament
D. Chief of Defence Staff
E. Chairman of Council of State

36. Wine production from grapes is an important industry in

A. Senegal
B. South Africa
C. Sierra Leone
D. Zimbabwe
E. The Sudan

37. The Triangular Trade was carried on among

A. Europe, Africa and Asia
B. Europe, West Africa and the Americas
C. Britain, Germany and America
D. Europe, America and Ghana
E . Europe, Canada and Africa

38. If the time on longitude 0° is 10:00 a.m. What would be the time on longitude 30°E?

A. 8:00 am
B. 12:00 noon
C. 2:00 pm
D. 7:00 pm
E. 12:00 midnight

39. Power derived from rivers is called

A. Thermal Power
B. Hydroelectric power
C. Solar power
D. Nuclear power
E. Gas power

40. The Gonja in Ghana migrated from

A. Gambaga
B. Mende
C. Mamprugu
D. Goa
E. Timbuktu

1. D. representative fraction
2. B. trigonometrical station
3. E. Dust
4. B. Egypt
5. C. aluminium
6. D. Port Harcourt
7. C. Mole-Dagbon
8. C. guinea savanna
9. A. the killing of the veterans
10. B. constitution
11. A. stimulium fly
12. A. Fomena
13. D. Teacher
14. A. Abusuapanin
15. D. Bank of Ghana
16. E. Tema
17. B. Cape Three Points
18. C. 238,447 km2
19. D. Harmattan
20. E. Shea
21. A. Gambaga
22. C. Obiri Yeboah
23. C. Akwambo of Ajumako
24. B. Yagbon Wura
25. A. 1821
26. C. Sir Alan Burns
27. A. Kwame Nkrumah
28. B. 1951
29. D. UNO
30. B. 110
31. C. eagles
32. B. Queen Elizabeth II
33. B. Elmina
34. D. Chief Justice
35. B. Chief Justice
36. B. South Africa
37. B. Europe, West Africa and the Americas
38. B. 12:00 noon
39. B. Hydroelectric power
40. B. Mende

1 hour
Answer three questions only, choosing one question from each section.
Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material
All questions carry equal marks

Answer one question only from this part.
Draw the following relief features using contour lines
(a) A conical hill
(b) A Ridge
(c) A valley
(d) A plain
(e) A plateau
With the aid of labelled diagram, explain land and sea breeze

Answer one question only from this part
(a) Who was Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg?
(b) Outline five contributions of Sir Gordon Guggisberg
(a) What was the Fante Confederation?
(b) Give reasons why the Fante Confederation was formed.
(c) Give five reasons why the Fante Confederation broke up.

Answer one question only from this part
(a) What was the Trans-Saharan Trade?
(b) State four effects of the Trans-Saharan Trade on Western Sudan
(c) State five items of the Trans-Saharan Trade
(a) State four benefits African countries get from cooperation.
(b) Mention four ways by which African governments bring about cooperation among themselves.