Social Studies BECE 1990

August 1990
45 minutes

1. A long narrow stretch of hills is called

A. Ridge
B. Spur
C. Mountain
D. Valley

2. Bugum is a festival of the

A. Dagomba
B. Nanumba
C. Mamprusi
D. Sisala
E. Gonja

3. A line drawn on maps to show places of equal height above sea level is

A. a contour
B. an isotherm
C. a latitude
D. an isobar
E. a longitude

4. In which of the following regions in Ghana is the Boti Falls?

A. Ashanti
B. Eastern
C. Western
D. Central
E. Greater Accra

5. Alluvial gold is found in

A. River Oti
B. River Offin
C. River Densu
D. River Bia
E. River Pra

6. Ghana‟s Earth satellite station is at

A. Nsawam
B. Koforidua
C. Ada
D. Kuntunse
E. Aburi

7. Which of the following shows the relationship between distance on paper and actual distance on the ground?

A. Longitude
B. Key
C. Scale
D. Plan
E. Contour

8. The Greenwich Meridian passes through

A. Tema
B. Accra
C. Takoradi
D. Kumasi
E. Wa

9. Which of the following rivers flows into Lake Volta?

A. Tano
B. Afram
C. Pra
D. Bia
E. Densu

10. Which of the following trees is not used as Timber?

A. Wawa
B. Odum
C. Sapele
D. Nim
E. Obeche

11. What does the conventional sign
on Ghana topographical maps stand for

A. Fort
B. Court house
C. Mosque
D. Zongo
E. Mission Station

12. Which of the following is not found in West Africa?

A. Fouta Djallon Mountains
B. Guinea highlands
C. Jos Plateau
D. Akwapim-Togo Ranges
E. Ahaggar Plateau

13. Which of the following is not a feature of relief?

A. Plain
B. Plateau
C. Inselberg
D. River
E. Mountain

14. If it is 12 noon at longitude 0°. What will be the time at a place which lies on longitude 15° E?

A. 12:15 am
B. 1:00 am
C. 11:00 am
D. 12:15 pm
E. 1:00 pm

15. Which of the following is not a latitude?

A. Equator
B. International Date Line
C. Tropic of Cancer
D. Tropic of Capricorn
E. Arctic Circle

16. An example of an igneous rock is

A. Granite
B. Sandstone
C. Gneiss
D. Shale
E. Marble

17. Which of the following features is not associated with rivers?

A. Delta
B. Waterfalls
C. Ria
D. Meander
E. Crater

18. Rotation of the earth causes

A. Day and night
B. Seasons
C. Eclipses
D. Equinoxes
E. Solstices

19. Which of the following minerals is not mined in Ghana?

A. Gold
B. Tin
C. Diamond
D. Manganese
E. Bauxite

20. Alumina is obtained from

A. gold
B. diamond
C. manganese
D. bauxite
E. copper

21. In Ghana deep shaft mining is generally associated with

A. gold
B. salt
C. bauxite
D. diamond
E. manganese

22. The earth rotates on its axis, spinning from

A. east to west
B. west to east
C. south to north
D. west to south
E. east to south

23. Which of the following is not an irrigation farming area in West Africa?

A. Inland Niger Delta
B. Sokoto River Valley
C. Accra Plains
D. Richard Toll District
E. Chad Basin

24. Which of the following countries in West Africa is a major exporter of groundnuts?

A. Senegal
B. Ghana
C. La Cote d‟Ivoire
D. Liberia
E. Togo

25. Which of the following countries introduced Indirect Rule in her colonies in West Africa?

A. France
B. Britain
C. Portugal
D. Germany
E. Belgium

26. The president of the Aborigine Rights Protection Society was

A. John Sey
B. James Kwegyir Aggrey
C. John Mensah Sarbah
D. Sir Arku Korsah
E. Nana Sir William Ofori Atta I

27. An imaginary line which divides the earth into two hemispheres is called the

A. latitude
B. longitude
C. meridian
D. equator
E. tropic

28. At the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 the Europeans agreed on how to

A. divide Africa among themselves
B. spread Christianity in Africa
C. trade with the Africans
D. tax the Africans
E. stop the slave trade

29. An example of a sedimentary rock is

A. granite
B. gneiss
C. marble
D. clay
E. quartzite

30. The world‟s largest producer of cocoa is

A. Brazil
B. La Cote d‟Ivoire
C. Ghana
D. Argentina
E. Nigeria

31. Which of the following is a tertiary occupation?

A. Wood Cutting
B. Manufacturing
C. Quarrying
D. Teaching
E. Fishing

32. The original home of the Ewe was

A. Ho
B. Keta
C. Ketu
D. Kpando
E. Gafe

33. Which of the following conducted the District Assembly Election in Ghana?

A. Information Services Department
B. National Commission for Democracy
C. National Council on Women and Development
D. Statistical Services Department
E. National House of Chiefs

34. The bond of 1844 was signed between

A. Commander Hill and Fante chiefs
B. Captain George Maclean and Ashanti chiefs
C. Commander Hill and Northern Chiefs
D. Captain George Maclean and Fante Chiefs
E. Commander Hill and Ashanti chiefs

35. Which of the following crops would not thrive well in the Savanna?

A. Millet
B. Coffee
C. Shea nut
D. Rice
E. Groundnut

36. The longest river in West Africa is

A. River Senegal
B. River Volta
C. River Niger
D. River Gambia
E. River Sassandra

Use the bar graph below to answer Questions 37 to 39

37. Which school scored the lowest mark?

A. School A
B. School B
C. School C
D. School D
E. School E

38. What was the total mark scored by School C

A. 25
B. 30
C. 35
D. 42
E. 52

39. Which school won the competition?

A. School A
B. School B
C. School C
D. School D
E. School E

40. When the republic of Liberia attained independence the people of Liberia adopted the motto

A. One Nation, One People, One Destiny
B. Freedom and Justice
C. Unity and Strength
D. Unity and Faith
E. The Love of Liberty brought us here

1. A. Ridge
2. C. Mamprusi
3. A. a contour
4. B. Eastern
5. B. River Offin
6. D. Kuntunse
7. C. Scale
8. A. Tema
9. B. Afram
10. D. Nim
11. C. Mosque
12. E. Ahaggar Plateau
13. D. River
14. E. 1:00 pm
15. B. International Date Line
16. A. Granite
17. E. Crater
18. A. Day and night
19. B. Tin
20. D. bauxite
21. A. gold
22. B. west to east
23. E. Chad Basin
24. A. Senegal
25. B. Britain
26. A. John Sey
27. D. equator
28. A. divide Africa among themselves
29. D. clay
30. B. La Cote d‟Ivoire
31. D. Teaching
32. C. Ketu
33. B. National Commission for Democracy
34. A. Commander Hill and Fante chiefs
35. B. Coffee
36. C. River Niger
37. B. School B
38. B. 30
39. E. School E
40. E. The Love of Liberty brought us here

1 hour
Answer three questions only, choosing one question from each section.
Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material
All questions carry equal marks

Answer one question only from this part.
(a) Write notes on contours and illustrate with diagrams
(i) a valley
(ii) a ridge
(iii) plateau
(iv) conical hill
(b) How are the following features shown on topographical maps
(i) railway line
(ii) a bridge
(iii) farm
(iv) footpath
(v) an area liable to flood

Use the map below to answer Question 2
(i) What is the name of the major river shown on the map?
(ii) What is the main tributary of this river?
(i) Measure the distance from X to Y in kilometers (Scale = 1cm:2km)
(ii) Which type of road is from Rokupr to Kabaranka?
(i) Which type of settlement is at Kabaranka?
(ii) What is the height of Maser in feet?

Answer one question only from this part
What are the importances of festivals in Ghana?
Write an essay on one of the following
(a) The achievements of Dr Kwame Nkrumah
(b) The achievements of Sir Gordon Guggisberg

Answer one question only from this part
What four major benefits do West Africans derive from their rivers? Give specific examples where necessary.
What are some of the problems facing the Organization of African Unity (OAU)?