Integrated Science WASSCE NOV/DEC Private 2013

1. Which of the following devices is used to measure an electric current?

A. Ammeter
B. Galvanometer
C. Spherometer
D. Voltmeter

2. The term menopause in humans refers to

A. birth of the first child after the age of 35 years
B. the period of development of secondary sexual characteristics
C. the period during which a woman loses the ability to reproduce
D. the decline of sexual desire in women

3. The incidence of anaemia in piglets is caused by deficiency of

A. calcium
B. iodine
C. iron
D. sodium

4. A useful by-product of saponification is

A. detergent
B. fats
C. glycerol
D. sodium hydroxide

5. Green plants are regarded as autotrophs because they

A. can use only chlorophyll and oxygen to synthesize food
B. can use only carbon dioxide to synthesize food
C. are capable of synthesizing their own food
D. are directly dependent on other organisms for food

6. A wooden block is placed on an inclined plan which is raised gradually. The block falls off only when the centre of gravity

A. is low
B. is high
C. is within its base
D. falls outside its base

7. A poultry disease characterized by the sick bird tucking its bead under its wings is

A. coccidiosis
B. pullorum
C. gumboro
D. newcastle disease

8. The pH of an alcoholic beverage is 5. It implies that the beverage is

A. more acidic
B. less acidic
C. more basic
D. less basic

9. Which of the following devices are peripherals of a computer?

I. Central Processing Unit
II. Keyboard
III. Monitor
IV. Mouse

A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and III only
D. II, III and IV only

10. A body of volume 3×10-6m3 is fully immersed in a liquid of density 1030kgm-3. Determine the upthrust of the liquid on the body. (g=10ms-2)

A. 0.03 N
B. 0.30 N
C. 3.03 N
D. 30.03 N

11. The main function of the sickle in crop production is to

A. trim hedges
B. level ploughed land
C. uproot small tree stumps
D. harvest cereal crops

12. The rate of chemical reaction is decreased when the

A. concentrations of reactants are increased
B. concentrations of reactants are decreased
C. reactants are in powdered form
D. concentrations of products are increased

13. One characteristics feature of mammals is the possession of

A. diaphragm
B. hollow bones
C. homodont dentition
D. nictitating membrane

14. The strength of an electromagnet can be increased by

I. increasing the current flowing through it
II. using a coil with more turns of wire
III. putting a soft iron core through the centre of the coil
IV. using keepers

A. I and III only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and III only
D. II, III and IV only

15. The reasons for apply lime to a fish pond is to

A. kill aquatic weeds
B. kill aquatic insects
C. destroy parasites of infected fish
D. increase the level of dissolved oxygen

16. Which of the following solvents dissolves rubber most readily?

A. Acetone
B. Benzene
C. Turpentine
D. Methylated spirit

17. One of the characteristics of an infectious disease is that it

A. is resistant to treatment
B. is transmitted easily from one person to another
C. re-occurs easily after treatment
D. is very chronic

18. Which of the following devices can be considered as safety devices in electrical appliances?

I. Fuses
II. Earth wires
III. Insulators
IV. Switches

A. I and IV only
B. II and III only
C. I, II and III only
D. I, II, III and IV

19. Ethanoic acid is said to be a weak acid because

A. nearly all its molecules form hydrogen ions in solutions
B. it does not produce hydroxide ions
C. its aqueous solutions have pH values lower than 7
D. it gives relatively few hydrogen ions in solution

20. An object is placed 20 cm from a converging lens of focal length 15 cm. Determine the magnification of the object.

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

21. When selecting grass for the establishment of a lawn, one of the important qualities of the grass to look for is its ability to

A. withstand regular mowing
B. produce long stolons
C. produce viable seeds
D. compete with weeds

22. Which of the following precautions should be taken when stocking a fish pond?

A. The container of fingerlings should be lowered gently into the pond
B. It should be ensured that each square metre of fish pond receives about two fingerlings
C. The fingerlings must be obtained from the market
D. The temperature of the pond must be lowered than the previous environment

23. The main functions of a thermostat in refrigerator is to

A. cool the inner part of the refrigerator
B. regulate the inner temperature of the refrigerator
C. cut off the fuse when excess current flows
D. cause expansion inside the refrigerator

24. Organic matter is added to a soil to

A. facilitate the eluviations of nutrients
B. encourage aggregation of soil particles
C. reduce the percolation rate
D. prevent the evaporation of water

25. Which of the following groups of metals react with dilute acids to produce hydrogen gas?

I. Copper
II. Iron
III. Magnesium
IV. Potassium

A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. I, II and III only
D. II, III and IV only

26. One of the processes that occurs during exhalation in mammals is the

A. contraction of the diaphragm
B. contraction of the intercostal muscles
C. decreasing air pressure inside the thoracic cavity
D. rushing of air from outside into the lungs

27. Mixtures differ from compounds in that mixtures

A. can be separated by physical means
B. formation is accompanied by mass
C. have definite composition by mass
D. are soluble in water

28. A catapult may be used to kill a bird because its rubber band has

A. kinetic energy which is converted to potential energy
B. kinetic energy which is converted to heat energy
C. potential energy which is converted to kinetic energy
D. potential energy which converted to light energy

29. Leguminous plants are able to improve upon the nitrogen content of the soil because

A. micro-organisms living in their roots fix nitrogen
B. they do not utilize nitrogen
C. their leaves contain high proportion of nitrogen
D. they absorb nitrogen during rainfall

30 The pH of an alcoholic beverage is 5. It implies that the beverage is

A. more acidic
B. less acidic
C. more basic
D. less basic

31. Which of the following methods could be used to obtain pure sodium chloride from a solution of sodium chloride and sand?

A. Distillation followed by crystallization
B. Evaporation followed by distillation
C. Filtration followed by crystallization
D. Filtration followed by sublimation

32. A body of mass 5.0 kg is lifted through a vertical distance of 3.0 m. Determine the amount of work done. [g=10m2]

A. 30.0 J
B. 50.0 J
C. 75.0 J
D. 150.0 J

33. In animal husbandry, male animals are castrated in order to

A. control disease
B. increase production
C. produce lean meat
D. reduce indiscriminate mating

34. Esterification differs from neutralization in that esterification

A. requires a catalyst
B. involves covalent molecules
C. does not have water as a by-product
D. has salt as one of the products

35. Which of the following industrial processes involves the use of yeast?

A. Production of paper
B. Production of penicillin
C. Production of alcohol from palm wine
D. Extraction of aluminium from or

36. The equivalent of 60°C on the Kelvin scale is

A. – 160 K
B. 160 K
C. 213 K
D. 333 K

37. Which of the following statements best describes a food web? It is a

A. relationship between non-living components of an ecosystem
B. relationship between the living and non-living organisms in an ecosystem
C. complex feeding relationship between living organisms in an ecosystem
D. relationship between the living organisms in an ecosystem

38. A characteristic feature of a goat that distinguishes it from a sheep is the possession of

A. long tail
B. four-chambered stomach
C. heterozygous horns
D. short erect tail

39. The glass stopper of a storage bottle firmly stucked into the bottle could be removed by

A. warming the bottle
B. rubbing the neck of the bottle
C. striking several times on top of the stopper
D. applying grease to the sides of the stopper

40. A red-flowered plant with genotype RR is crossed with a white-flowered plant with genotype rr. The genotype of their offspring will be

A. 50 % RR
B. 50 % rr
C. 100 % Rr
D. 100 % RR

41. Newton’s first law of motion states that

A. action and reaction are equal and opposite
B. the rate of change in momentum is equal to the applied force
C. the product of mass and velocity is momentum
D. unless an external force is applied, a body will continue in its motion

42. Which of the following factors is disadvantage with using clay as a container in raising ornamental plants? They

A. are porous
B. are relatively cheaper
C. are widely used by many people
D. require frequent watering and stirring

43. Plastics have become important substitutes for metals in manufacturing industries because of their

I. antirust properties
II. cheapness
III. ability to be moulded into shapes

Which of the above statements is correct?

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

44. The structure illustrated is
best click series wassce science 2013 private q 44
A. petal
B. pistil
C. sepal
D. stamen

45. The part labeled I is
best click series wassce science 2013 private q 44
A. anther
B. filament
C. placenta
D. style

46. What is the function of the part labelled II? It
best click series wassce science 2013 private q 44
A. attracts animal pollinators
B. attaches the ovules to the ovary
C. supports the anther
D. receives pollen grains

47. A wave oscillates at a rate of 500 Hz and has a wavelength of 1.3 m. Determine the velocity of the wave.

A. 330.0 ms-1
B. 394.6 ms-1
C. 500.0 ms-1
D. 650.0 ms-1

48. Which of the following sequences represents the correct order of increasing level of complexity in living organisms?

A. Cells→Tissue→Organs→Systems
B. Cells→Organs→Tissues→Systems
C. Tissues→Cells→Organs→Systems
D. Tissues→Organs→Cells→Systems

49. An advantage of the battery cage system of keeping poultry is that

A. the access to natural vegetation is easier
B. it can be used for brooding chicks
C. cages are cheap to buy and maintain
D. eggs are clean and free from breakages

50. When diluting concentrated sulphuric acid, it is advisable to add the acid slowly to the water while stirring continuously because

A. the water has a lower density
B. heat is absorbed during the reaction
C. the acid and water mixture can explode
D. the acid does not dissolve easily in water

51. A blood test showed that a person has too much sugar in his blood. This condition was due to malfunctioning of his

A. kidney
B. pancreas
C. stomach
D. gall bladder

52. Three resistors have values 2Ω, 4Ω and 5Ω. Determine their effective resistance when they are connected in parallel to each other.

A. 1/40 Ω
B. 20/19 Ω
C. 11 Ω
D. 40 Ω

53. When a mixture of kerosene and water was allowed to settle, kerosene settled on top of the water because

A. kerosene had a higher density than water
B. kerosene had a lower density than water
C. water was less viscous than kerosene
D. water did not react with kerosene

54. Which of the following functions of proteins in animals are correct?

I. Enzyme formation
II. Formation of protoplasm leading to growth
III. Insulation of body against heat
IV. Repair and replacement of worn out cells

A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and IV only
D. II, III and IV only

55. The mass number of an atom is 24 and the atomic number is 12. Determine the number of neutrons present in the atom.

A. 2
B. 12
C. 24
D. 36

56. An echo is caused by

A. reflection of sound waves
B. transmission of sound waves
C. diffraction of sound waves
D. refraction of sound waves

57. A tapeworm attached itself firmly to its host’s intestines by means of

A. genital pores
B. elongated appendages
C. hooks and suckers
D. modified mouth parts

58. Which of the following processes results in the occurrence of sea and land breeze?

A. Wave movements at seas
B. Wind that blows over the land
C. Rotation of the earth on its axis
D. Unequal absorption of heat by the land and sea

59. The part of the human brain that coordinates muscles during running is

A. cerebrum
B. cerebellum
C. hypothalamus
D. medulla oblongata

60. All cereals are characterized by the possession of

A. tassels
B. tap roots
C. axillary buds
D. root caps

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