Integrated Science WASSCE NOV/DEC Private 2011

1. Which of the following conditions is a symptom of food poisoning?

A. Worm infestation
B. Stomach ache
C. Presence of blood in urine
D. Reduction in body temperature

2. The number of positive charges on an alpha particle is

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6

3. A farming practice that is most effective for the maintenance of soil fertility is

A. monocropping
B. ploughing
C. terracing
D. weeding

4. Which of the following parts of a computer is not a peripheral?

A. Keyboard
B. Monitor
C. Mouse
D. Processor

5. A chemical substance that can be used in laboratory to distinguish an alkane from an alkene is

A. hydrochloric acid
B. bromine water
C. cobalt chloride paper
D. anhydrous copper sulphate

6. A particle changes its velocity from 10ms-1 to 15ms-1 in 8 seconds. Determine its acceleration.

A. 0.6 ms-2
B. 1.25 ms-2
C. 1.66 ms-2
D. 4.00 ms-2

7. Which of the following bones form the axial skeleton in mammals?

I. Limb and limb girdles
II. The vertebral column
III. The skull
IV. Ribs and sternum

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. III and IV only

8. A farming method that is regarded as environmentally friendly is

A. bush farming
B. land rotation
C. organic farming
D. shifting cultivation

9. Which of the following statements about absorption of heat by a substance are correct?

I. The quantity of heat in the substance increases
II. The molecules of the substance move faster
III. The volume of the substance changes

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

10. A homozygous black rabbit is mated to a white rabbit. If the black colour is dominant to white colour, determine the colour of the young rabbit.

A. All will be black
B. All will be white
C. Some will be black and some will be white
D. They will be partly white and partly black

11. A simple electrical circuit has a voltage supply of 12 V. If the total resistance in the circuit is 6, determine the current in it

A. 0.5 A
B. 2.0 A
C. 6.0 A
D. 18.0 A

12. Steel is preferred to pure iron for constructional work because

A. steel is more shiny than iron
B. iron poses more health hazard than steel
C. steel is malleable which iron is brittle
D. steel is cheaper than iron

13. Which of the following relationships represents a food chain in a fish pond?

A. Phytoplankton→ zooplankton→ tilapia→ cat fish
B. Zooplankton→ phytoplankton→ tilapic → cat fish
C. Phytoplankton → zooplankton → cat fish → tilapia
D. Zooplankton → phytoplankton → cat fish → tilapia

14. If the hazard symbol is  shown on a reagent bottle, it implies that the content is
A. corrosive
B. irritant
C. oxidizing
D. radioactive

15. An example of a chemical substance that is associated with this symbol is
A. ethanol
B. calcium oxide
C. mercury
D. potassium hydroxide

16. A sharp knife cuts deeper into a piece of meat than a blunt one because the

A. sharp knife exerts less pressure
B. sharp knife has a greater area of contact
C. blunt knife has a smaller area of contact
D. blunt knife exerts less pressure

17. If the cock to hen ration on a farm is 1:15, determine the number of cocks required to serve 60,000 hens

A. 840
B. 3,750
C. 4,000
D. 9,000

18. Heat is generated in the human body during the process of

A. defaecation
B. expiration
C. shivering
D. sweating

Use the ornamental plants listed below to answer questions 19 and 20
I. Croton
II. Hibiscus
III. Flamboyant
IV. Snow plant

19. Which of the plants are grown for their beautiful flowers?

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. II and IV only

Use the ornamental plants listed below to answer questions 19 and 20
I. Croton
II. Hibiscus
III. Flamboyant
IV. Snow plant

20. The plant labeled I is propagated by

A. seed
B. stem cutting
C. hardened cutting
D. offset

21. An observer sees a distant flash of lightning before hearing the accompanying thunder because

A. light travels at a faster speed than sound
B. light waves have a lower frequency than sound waves
C. sound waves experience resistance in the cloud
D. the source of the thunder is farther away from the observer

22. Which of the following substances is present in both glomerular filtrate and urine of a healthy person?

A. Amino acids
B. Blood proteins
C. Glucose
D. Urea

23. A solution of 250cm3 HCl has a concentration of 2 mol dm-3. Determine the number of moles of the acid.

A. 0.25 moles
B. 0.50 moles
C. 1.00 moles
D. 1.50 moles

24. A soft magnet is the type which

A. maintains its magnetism permanently
B. can be demagnetized with ease
C. can easily be cut into smaller pieces
D. attracts other magnetic materials

25. Which of the following conditions in humans is a symptoms of schistosomiasis?

A. Blood in urine
B. Cataract
C. Chest pains
D. Constipation

26. Seed is the planing material for the propagation of all the following crops except

A. citrus
B. cocoa
C. oil palm
D. plantain

27. Which of the following substances is a naturally occurring weak acid?

A. Ammonia
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Citric acid
D. Hydrochloric acid

28. The level of classification that embraces the largest number of organisms is the

A. class
B. genus
C. order
D. phylum

29. All the following characteristics of poultry egg are determined by the feed except the

A. shape
B. shell colour
C. size
D. yolk colour

30. Carbon monoxide is poisonous to humans when inhaled because it

A. enters the brain and kills the nerves
B. enters the stomach and induces vomiting
C. blocks the path of oxygen with the blood
D. causes severe headache

31. When ammonium salt is heated gently, it changes from

A. gas to liquid
B. liquid to gas
C. solid to gas
D. solid to liquid

32. An important factor that influences the choice of site for a fish pond is

A. nature of the soil
B. gradient of the landscape
C. availability of shade
D. nearness to a settlement

33. A quantity of water of mass 4.0g at a temperature of 500C was mixed thoroughly with 6.0g water at 150C. Determine the final temperature of the mixture. (Specific heat capacity of water is 4200 jkg-1 0C-1)

A. 29 oC
B. 35 oC
C. 44 oC
D. 65 oC

34. Which of the following statements about anaerobic respiration is correct?

A. Carbon dioxide and water are produced
B. Oxygen gas is released
C. Oxygen gas is used up
D. Glucose is broken down

35. Soap may produce an itching effect on skin when it contains excess

A. alkali
B. alkanol
C. glycerol
D. oil

36. Which of the following devices allows computers to communicate with one another over telephone lines?

A. Keyboard
B. Modem
C. Monitor
D. Mouse

37. Aluminium is used in

A. extraction of gold
B. making coins
C. the manufacture of ammonia
D. making household utensils

38. An example of biotechnological process is

A. esterificaiton
B. fermentation
C. hydrogenation
D. neutralization

39. Which of the following layers of the soil contains the larges population of living organisms?

A. Top soil
B. Subsoil
C. Parent material
D. Bedrock

40. If the temperature of a substance is 300C, determine its equivalent temperature on the Kelvin scale. (Take absolute temperature to be 273K)

A. 240K
B. 270K
C. 300K
D. 303K

41. The part of the brain responsible for involuntary activities is

A. cerebral cortex
B. hypothalamus
C. optic lobe
D. pituitary gland

42. which of the following conditions is likely to cause an epidermic in a community?

I. Poor ventilation
II. Living in a room with pests
II. Poor sanitation

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

43. Water is heated in a saucepan from 200C to 800C. The heating results in increase in the

A. rate of evaporation
B. mass of water
C. density of water
D. number of water molecules

44. Fingerlings are stored for 24 hours before transportation in order to

A. reduce faecal contamination
B. reduce overcrowding
C. ensure healthy growth
D. enhance pond fertilization

45. when a potted seedling is stored in a cupboard for about 12 hours, it loses all the start in its leaves because

A. the starch is converted to glucose in the dark
B.the start is oxidized to liberate energy
C. heat in the cupboard causes the start to melt
D. darkness destroys the starch completely

46. Immunization of farm animals results in the production of

A. antibodies
B. antigens
C. red blood cells
D. white blood cells

47. Which of the following factors affect the boiling and freezing point of water?

A. Adhesive forces between molecules and container
B. Density of water
C. Athmospheric pressure
D. surface tension

48. The main reason for conducting blood tests on patients before carrying out blood transfusion is to

A. select blood which has enough antibodies
B. determine the percentage of active red blood cells
C. avoid giving them incompatible blood
D. diagnose the disease in them

49. when a cube of sugar is treated with concentrated sulphuric acid, a black produce is formed due to

A. dehydration
B. esterification
C. oxidation
D. neutralization

50. Poor sanitation enhances the spread of the disease known as

A. asthma
B. bilharzia
C. cholera
D. onchocerciasis

51. which of the following services are provided by farm animals?

I. Traction for farm work
II. Raw materials for show factory
III. Raw materials for herbicides

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

52. A wave of wavelength 40.0 m moves at a speed of 440 ms-1. Determine the frequency of the wave.

A. 0.01 Hz
B. 11.00 Hz
C. 99.00 Hz
D. 440.00 Hz

53. Which of the following disease is associated with the liver in humans?

A. Appendicitis
B. Arteriosclerosis
C. Bronchitis
D. Cirrhosis

54. A metal block is raised to a height the ground level. The type of energy possessed by the block at that height is

A. chemical
B. kinetic
C. heat
D. potential

55. Given that Avogadro constant is 6.02 × 1023, determine the number of atoms in 0.001 mole of a substance.

A. 6.02×1020 atoms
B. 6.02×1021 atoms
C. 6.02×1023 atoms
D. 6.02×1026 atoms

56. The gestation period in the reproductive cycle of mammals refers to the period between

A. ejaculation and fertilization
B. fertilization and birth
C. birth and lactation
D. fertilization and implantation

57. Which of the following compounds is a hydrocarbon?

A. C2H6
B. C6H12O6

58. A hedge plant can be made to grow more lateral branches by

A. watering the plant regularly
B. applying fertilizers to the plant
C. erecting a fence to support the plant
D. pruning the plant regularly

59. Which of the following characteristics is an example of continuous variation?

A. Blood group
B. Sickle cell
C. Skin colour
D. Tongue rolling

60. The electron configuration of sodium is

A. 2,1,8
B. 2,2,7
C. 2,7,2
D. 2,8,1

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