Integrated Science WASSCE NOV/DEC Private 2010

1. Chromosomes of a living cell are located in the

A. Cytoplasm
B. Genes
C. Nucleus
D. Ribosomes

2. Friction in car engines can be reduced through

A. lubrication
B. overhauling
C. spraying
D. vulcanizing

3. Which of the following parts of a computer is an input device? The

A. plotter
B. printer
C. monitor
D. scanner

4. A farming practice that promotes soil erosions is

A. bush burning
B. contour plugging
C. mulching
D. strip cropping

5. Structure in mammals used for gaseous exchange have

A. large volume and well supplied with blood vessel
B. moist surface and well supplied with blood vessel
C. thin walls with small surface areas
D. moist surface and small surface area

6. The electron configuration of chlorine is

A. 2,7,8
B. 2,7,2
C. 6,7,7
D. 2,8,2

7. Which of the following groups of crops has been correctly matched to its examples?

A. fruits – pawpaw, cashew and carrot
B. grain legumes – soyabeans, groundnut and millet
C. cereals – maize, rice and sorghum
D. tree crops – cocoa, cassava and coconut

8. The bending of light at the boundary between two optically different media is caused by

A. inability of the light to travel
B. difference in the speed of light in the two media concerned
C. reflection of the light when entering the second medium
D. non-existence of a permanent boundary between the two media

9. Which of the following practices are required in the regular maintenance of lawns?

A. cutting, rolling and pruning
B. cutting, weeding and rolling
C. weeding, pruning and staking
D. staking, rolling and pruning

10. Which of the activities results in the production of manure?

I. Incineration
II. Biogas production
III. Recycling of waste products
IV. Compost preparation

A. I

11. Electric power can be generated by

I. Incineration
II. Biogas production
III. Recycling of waste products
IV. Compost preparation

A. I only
B. II only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only

12. The malpighian body of the mammalian kidney consists of the

A. cortex and medulla
B. glomerulus and Bowman’s capsule
C. collecting taubles and pyramid
D. glomerulus and loop of henle

13. The IUPAC name for the compound
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A. 2 – methylbromopentane
B. 2 – bromo – 2 – ethylpropane
C. 2 – methyl – 2 – bromobutane
D. 2 – bromo – 2 – methybutane

14. Which of the following factors would favour the sitting of an industry in a locality?

I. ease of transportation
II. nearness to the market
III. availability of raw materials

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III only

15. During bread making, yeast is added to the dough as an ingredient because it

A. produces carbon dioxide, which cause the dough to rise
B. gives the bread a peculiar flavor
C. helps to preserve the bread
D. reduces the sugar content of an acceptable level

16. It is advisable to add washing with soap because of the

A. dirt in the water
B. acidity of water
C. presence of dissolved magnesium salts
D. presence of bacteria in the water

17. An ecosystem can be constituted by

A. animals, non – living elements
B. animals, plant and non-living elements
C. plant decomposers and non-living elements
D. decomposers, living things and parasites

18. A solution with pH 9 is a

A. strong acid
B. strong base
C. weak acid
D. weak base

19. Which of the following feature must be present in a good fishpond?

I. an outlet
II. grassed walls
III. a screen

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

20. Offsprings tend to have the same characteristics of their parents because

A. they feed on the same food as their parents
B. a different appearance will result in extinction
C. they inherit their genes for the traits
D. they must replace their like

21. Which of the following safety symbol warns against risk of electrical shock?
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22. Blood is returned from the lungs to the heart through the

A. hepatic
B. hepatic portal vein
C. pulmonary arteries
D. pulmonary veins

23. An alcohol thermometer is not suitable for the determination of boiling point of water because alcohol …

A. vaporizes into the bore
B. molecules have high cohesive forces
C. is a transparent liquid
D. has high specific heat capacity

24. Consider the chemical reaction
N 2(g) + 3H 2(g) 2NH 3(g) + heat energy

Which of the following conditions will favour the yield of ammonia (NH 3)?

I. increase in temperature
II. decrease in temperature
III. increase in pressure
IV. decrease in pressure

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III
D. II and IV only

25. During the formation of rainbow, the rain droplets that hung in the sky serves as

A. the source of colour for the rainbow
B. a screen against ultra – violet rays
C. a medium of dispersing light
D. a screen against poisonous gases

26. Pollination is the

A. fusion of pollen grains and the stigma
B. transfer of pollen grains from anthers to the stigma
C. formation of pollen in the anther
D. attraction of insects and birds to the flower

27. Which of the of the following nutrients improves the quality of the egg shell when added to the poultry feed/

A. Calcium
B. Iron
C. Magnessium
D. Nitrogen

28. An effort of 100.0 N. Calculate the mechanical advantage of the machine

A. 0.25
B. 0.40
C. 2.50
D. 4.00

29. During land and sea breezes, warm air rises and cold air replaces it because warm air

A. is denser than cold air
B. has the same density as cold air
C. is less dense than cold air
D. contains more water vapour than cold air

30. Saliva performs the following major function during digestion of food except

A. making good soft and easy to swallow
B. converting starch to maltose
C. providing appropriate pH medium for salivary oesophagus
D. enabling easy passage of good down the oesophagus

31. Which of the following materials is magnetic?

A. brass
B. copper
C. glass
D. nickel

32. Screening of blood is important before transfusion in order to

A. determine the nutrient level of the blood
B. avoid giving contaminated blood
C. purify the blood
D. determine the concentration of oxygen in the blood

33. Which of the following pairs of disease is caused by insanitary surroundings?

A. Bilharziasis and dysentary
B. Dysentary and measles
C. Cholera and chicken pox
D. Malaria and cholera

34. A device that displays data processed by a computer is known as

A. keyboard
B. joystick
C. monitor
D. printer

35. A ball – and – socket joint in the skeletal system of humans allows for

A. circular movement
B. gliding movement
C. side by side movement
D. up and down movement

36. In the electrical circuit illustrated, calculate the effective resistance of the resistors

A. 600
B. 90
C. 180
D. 270

37. Which of the following organic compounds undergoes polymerization?

A. C 2 H 6
B. C 2 H 4 Br 5
C. C 2 H 4
D. C 3 H 3

38. Bronze is preferred to copper in making ornamental objects because it

A. is harder than copper
B. is more resistant to corrosion
C. has a higher density than copper
D. is a better conductor of electricity

39. Which of the following characteristics can be used to distinguish between the same note played on piano and an organ?

A. beat
B. loudness
C. pitch
D. quality

40. The vertical section through the soil showing distinct soil layer is known as soil

A. erosion
B. fertility
C. profile
D. structure

41. Which of the following statement about antagonistic muscles is correct? They

A. contract and relax alternatively
B. are resistant to stimuli
C. relax at the same time
D. react fast to stimuli

42. A force of 30.0 N moves a body through a distance of 1.5m in the direction of the force. Calculate the work done.

A. 20.0J
B. 28.5J
C. 31.5J
D. 45.0J

43. Which of the following substances is necessary for the manufacture of starch by aquatic plants

A. Carbon dioxide
B. mineral salts
C. nitrogen
D. oxygen

44. The concentration of industries in urban areas of a country

A. disturb the ecosystem
B. lead to high population growth
C. affect the country’s energy requirement
D. lead to a decrease in the supply of goods and services

45. Using the mating ration of 1:60, determine the number of male goats required to serve 720 female goats

A. 6
B. 12
C. 15
D. 70

46. The number of hydrogen atoms used in the hydrogenation of enthyne to produce ethane is

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

47. X-ray are produced when a metal target is hit by

A. Fast-moving protons
B. Slow moving electrons
C. Fast moving electrons
D. Electromagnetic radiation

48. A stagnant water body with weeds is a potential habitant of the vector that causes

A. Cholera
B. River blindness
C. Schistosmaisis
D. Typhoid fever

49. A quantity of sand of mass 0.6kg is heated from 20 degrees C to 75 degrees C. Calculate the amount of heat stored in the sand. [specific heat capacity of sand is 800 Jkg -1 C-1]

A. 2.64 X 10 J
B. 2.64 X 105J
C 2.64 X 106J
D. 2.64 X 107J

50. Which of the following compounds is not ionic?

A. Magnessium oxide
B. Potassium trioxonitrate (V)
C. Sodium tetraoxsulphate (IV)
D. Sulphur (IV) oxide

51. A piece of evidence that supports evolution is

A. body structure of organisms
B. existence of amphibians
C. fossil records of organisms
D. legends of the difference races

52. A small fruit whose pericarp is expanded to form wings is likely to be dispersed by

A. bird
B. wind
C. water
D. insects

53. Which of the following properties is a characteristic of a pure metal?

A. low melting point
B. malleable
C. non – lustrous
D. poor thermal conductivity

54. The movement of water into a plant cell cause the cell to

A. become faccid
B. become turgid
C. burst is cell wall
D. become plasmolysed

55. A boy stands 7m away from a vertical plane mirror and see his image. What is the distance between the boy and his image?

A. 3.5m
B. 7.0m
C. 10.5m
D. 14.0

56. The part of the tooth that may be damaged when very hot food is put into the mouth is known as

A. dentine
B. enamel
C. gum
D. pulp cavity

57. Which of the following organs in the human body are involved in excretion

I. Lung
II. Hear
III. Kidney
IV. Skin

A. I and II only
B. II and III Only
C. I, III and IV only
D. II, III and IV only

58. A floating balloon may eventually burst because

A. its density is increased
B. the upthrust on it due to the surrounding increases
C. its internal presence becomes greater than that of the surroundings
D. the buoyant force on it increases

59. The unit measure of the amount of substances is the

A. Gram
B. Kilogramme
C. Molar mass
D. Mole

60. Diamond and graphite are

A. Allotropes
B. Hydrocarbons
C. Isotopes
D. Polymers

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