Integrated Science WASSCE 2013

1. A piece of iron rusts when it comes into contact with

A. air only
B. moisture only
C. oil only
D. air and moisture only

2. Vegetative propagation method is commonly used in the cultivation of

A. banana
B. cocoa
C. cowpea
D. pawpaw

3. Which of the following devices alters an alternative current?

A. diode
B. dynamo
C. rectifier
D. transformer

4. It is obligatory to wear goggles in the laboratory when handling substances that

A. are corrosive
B. are highly flammable
C. are corrosive
D. emit sparks

5. The function of the pinna of the human ear is to

A. receive and transmit sound waves
B. receive and refract sound waves
C. change sound waves into electrical impulses
D. change sound waves into radiation

6. An atom of element X has 23 protons and 26 neutrons. Determine the number of electrons

A. 3
B. 25
C. 26
D. 49

7. Diseases that are easily transmitted from one organism to another through a vector are said to be

A. contagious
B. endemic
C. infectious
D. viral

8. An effort of 100.0N is applieid to a machine to raise a load of 400.0N. Determine the mechanical advantage of the machine

A. 0.25
B. 4.00
C. 300.00
D. 500.00

9. Which of the following characteristic features in leaves of flowering plants ensure efficient photosynthesis?

A. narrow leaves with small surface area
B. presence of veins
C. presence of stomata
D. thick leaves

10. The vacuum between the two silvered surfaces of a thermos flask prevents heat loss by

A. conduction only
B. convection only
C. conduction and convection only
D. convection and radiation only

11. A soil may lose its fertility through

A. leaching
B. overcooling
C. shifting cultivation
D. ridging

12. The function of the solar thermal collector in a solar panel is to

A. trap heat from the solar radiations
B. use radiant energy
C. store solar energy
D. convert photons of electrical energy

13. Which of the following factors affect the rate of evaporation from the skin of humans?

I. humidity
II. pressure
III. temperature
IV. wind speed

A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I and III
D. I, II and IV only

14. Blood vessels in the mammalian skin constrict during

A. hot weather
B. humid weather
C. dry humid weather
D. cold weather

15. An example of a root tuber is

A. cassava
B. groundnut
C. onion
D. yam

16. A total eclipse of the sun is seen when the observer is in the

A. umbra region of the sun’s shadow
B. penumbra region of the moon’s shadow
C. umbra region of the moon’s shadow
D. umbra region of the earth’s shadow

17. A solution contain 18.0g of glucose per dm 3
Determine its molarity.
[Molar mass of glucose, C6H12O6 = 180]

A.  0.01M
B. 0.02M
C. 0.10M
D. 0.20M

18. Which of the following methods could be used to demagnetize a strong magnet?

A. leaving it in water for few days
B. heating it to red-hot
C. placing it in a deep freezer overnight
D. putting it in a solenoid with a direct current

19. The diagram illustrates a
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A. dibber
B. sickle
C. knapsack sprayer
D. watering can

20. The equipment illustrated is used to
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A. harvest cereal crops
B. transplant seedlings
C. spread liquid pesticides in tiny droplets
D. sprinkle water on plants

21. Which of the following pollutants is produced by petrol driven vehicles?

A. Carbon (II) oxide
B. Carbon (IV) oxide
C. Nitrogen (II) oxide
D. Sulphur (VI) oxide

22. The presence of villi in the ileum of the digestive system of a mammal is to

A. secrete digestive enzymes
B. speed up the process of digestion
C. keep food in the ileum for longer time
D. increase the surface area of the ileum for absorption

23. Which of the following characteristics are associated with sound waves?

I. diffraction
II. interference
III. polarization
IV. reflection

A. I and II Only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and III Only
D. I, II and IV only

24. Long exposure of the human body to X-rays may cause

A. skin burns
B. sickle cell anaemia
C. high blood pressure
D. fungal growth on the skin

25. Which of the following characteristic features in flowering plants favours cross-pollination most?

A. flowers are bisexual
B. male and female parts mature at same time
C. male and female parts are on separate plants
D. flowers remain closed until pollination has taken place

26. In poultry production, temperature is an important factor during brooding because the chicks

A. have to overcome stress of transportation
B. need adequate ventilation
C. have no access to natural vegetation
D. have not developed feathers

27. An electrical circuit has a voltage supply of 8V. If a current of 2A flows through the circuit, determine its total resistance.

A. 0.25
B. 4.00
C. 10.00
D. 16.00

28. Which of the following industries is operated as a small-scale industry in Ghana?

A. Aluminium production
B. computer production
C. soap production
D. petrol production

29. One major advantage of crop rotation is the

A. control of insect pests and diseases of crops
B. faster absorption of nutrients by the soil
C. increase in the amounts of seeds in the seed bank
D. emergence of weeds

30. comma-shaped bacteria are known as

A. bacilli
B. cocci
C. spirilla
D. vibros

31. Which of the following groups of organic compounds is represented by -C = C-

A. Alkenes
B. Alkanols
C. Akynes
D. Alkanoic acids

32. When an objects is placed beyond the focus of a diverging lens, the image formed will be

A. inverted and enlarged
B. inverted and diminished
C. erect and diminished
D. erect and enlarged

33. Which of the following actions must be taken first when there is an electrical fault in a home?

A. calling the fire services
B. switching off the electrical mains
C. calling the electrical engineer
D. vacating the building

34. Organs in the human body which are involved in homeostasis are

A. heat, pancreas and skin
B. lungs, pancreas and skin
C. kidneys, lungs and skin
D. kidneys, lungs and heart

35. Which of the following physical properties are possessed by metals?

I. good conductor of electricity
II. low tensile strength
III. high melting point
IV. good conductor of heat

A. I and II only
B. II and IV only
C. I, II and III only
D. I, III and IV only

26. If the hazard warning sign shown below is seen on a reagent bottle, it implies that the content is
2013 q36 best click series best ict book in ghana wassce pasco science social studiesA. corrosive
B. highly inflammable
C. irritant
D. oxidizing

37. Which of the following post-harvest practices are associated with maize?

A. threshing and milling
B. shelling and decortications
C. dehusking and shelling
D. decortications and dehusking

38. An example of a simple machine which can be classified as a third class lever is

A. wheel barrow
B. nutcracker
C. a pair of tongs
D. a pair of scissors

39. Which of the following livestock parasites can be controlled by drenching?

A. mites
B. roundworm
C. tsetsefly
D. ticks

40. The skin of a mammal excretes

A. salts and water only
B. water and urea only
C. water and carbon dioxide only
D. salts, urea and water

41. An atom is said to be electrically neutral when it contains equal numbers of electrons and

A. isotopes
B. neutrons
C. nucleons
D. protons

42. Offspring tend to have the same characteristics of their parents because

A. they must replace their like
B. they inherit their genes for the traits
C. a different appearance will result in extinction
D. they feed on the same food as their parents

43. Which of the following statements about the absolute scale is correct? The

A. temperature scale starts at 273 K
B. absolute zero point is equivalent to -273 degrees C
C. temperature at which ice melts is -273 degrees C
D. temperature at which water boils is 100K

44. Thunder and lightning occur at the same time but lightning is seen before sound is heard because

A. sound is a longitudinal wave
B. sound needs a material medium for its propagation
C. light is a transverse wave
D. light travels faster

45. Drainage in a clayey soil can be improved by

A. addition of organic manure
B. addition of chemical fertilizer
C. application of mulching material
D. application of wood ash

46. A quadra is used in ecological studies to sample

A. land animals
B. land vegetation
C. floating organisms of marine habitat
D. floating organisms of freshwater habitat

47. Ships sink more easily in freshwater than in sea water because

A. sea water is denser
B. sea water does not flow
C. currents are absent in freshwater
D. there are a lot of organisms in sea water

48. The most effective way of preventing disease among farm animals is

A. immunizing
B. quarantining the animals
C. observing farm hygiene
D. breeding disease resistant varieties

49. The structure in a mammal that acts as a shock absorber for the embryo is known as the

A. chorion
B. placenta
C. amniotic fluid
D. umbilical cord

50. A by-product obtained form the manufacture of soap is

A. glycerol
B. nylon
C. polythene
D. vegetable

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