Integrated Science WASSCE 2012

1. Interbreeding organisms are members of the same

A. class
B. family
C. genus
D. species

2. The PH value of a solution is accurately determined by using

A. litmus paper
B. methyl organ
C. phenolphthalein
D. universal indicator

3. In which part of the leaf of a flowering plant is the greatest amount of glucose produced during photosynthesis?

A. lower epidermal cells
B. upper epidermal cells
C. palisade cells
D. spongy mesophyll cells

4. An advantage of the use of hay over silage in animal production is that hay

A. is available throughout the year
B. has a laxative effect
C. has higher proportion of leaves, water and nutrients
D. is more palatable to livestock

5. Which of the following types of teeth is absent in herbivores?

A. canines
B. incisors
C. premolars
D. molars

6. A block and tackle system consists of three fixed and two movable pulleys. Determine the velocity ratio of the system

A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

7. Pulmonary circulation in mammals involves the movement of blood from the

A. heart to the body and back
B. lungs to the heart and back
C. heart to the lungs and back
D. lungs to the body and back

8. Tides occur as a result of

A. cool air at the poles flowing towards the equator
B. gravitational pull of the moon on the seas
C. differences in temperature between the land and the sea
D. the revolution of the earth

9. Identical twins look alike because they develop from

A. one ovum fertilized by two sperms
B. two ova fertilized by one sperm
C. two ova fertilized by two sperms
D. one ovum fertilized by one sperms

10. Which of the following equipment are used in poultry production?

I. Burdizzo
II. Debeaker
III Hoover
IV. Seine net

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. III and IV only

11. One advantage of male circumcision is to

A. reveal the strength in an individual
B. confer manhhood in the individual
C. prevent infection of the tip of the penis
D. enable the penis to become erect

12. The silvered walls of a thermos flask are to reduce heat outflow and inflow by

I. convection
II. conduction
III. radiation

A. I only
B. III only
C. I and II only
D. II and III Only

13. Which of the following pairs of plants are rhizomes?

A. cocoyam and cassava
B. canna lily and ginger
C. onion and plantain
D. banana and plantain

14. Rabbits are housed in a

A. hutch
B. kraal
C. pen
D. sty

15. A bond formed two atoms is considered as ionic when

A. the two atoms share a pair of electrons
B. there is transfer of at least one electron from one atom to the other
C. both atoms transfer electrons to each other
D. no electron transfer occurs between the atoms

16. The correct path of air entering the lungs through the nostrils of a mammal is represented as

A. glottis – trachea – bronchi – bronchioles – lungs
B. trachea – glottis – bronchi – bronchioles – lungs
C. bronchi – trachea – glottis – bronchioles – lungs
D. bronchioles – bronchi – trachea – glottis – lungs

17. Which of the following cultural practices are carried out in the cultivation of tomatoes?

I. Pruning
II. Shading
III. Staking

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

18. Parental period in human growth and development is the period from

A. birth to adolescence
B. conception to birth
C. birth to childhood
D. adolescence to adulthood

19. The mass of body remains constant to all places because

A. of the tendency of the body to remain at rest
B. mass depends solely on distance between molecules of a body
C. mass does not depend on acceleration due to gravity
D. matter can neither be created nor destroyed

20. The taste buds in humans that are sensitive to sour taste are located at the

A. tip of the tongue
B. back of the tongue
C. sides of the tongue
D. middle of the tongue

21. Duralumin is an alloy used in the construction of aircrafts because it

A. has a low melting point
B. is attractive in appearance
C. is very light and strong
D. is non-corrosive

22. Diffusion in mammals is demonstrated in the

A. movement of urine from the kidney into the urinary bladder
B. movement of saliva from the saliva glands into the buccal cavity
C. absorption of salts by the cells of the body
D. gaseous exchange in the alveoli

23. Petroleum consists of a mixture of

A. alkanoic acids
B. esters
C. hydrocarbons
D. polymers

24. Emulsification of fats by the bile in the digestive system of a mammal signifies the

A. destruction of fats
B. convection of fats to fatty acids and glycerol
C. breaking down of large fat globules into small droplets
D. prevention of enzymes from digesting fats

25. Which of the following chemical equations represents a neutralization reaction?

A. CaO + H2O – Ca(OH)2
B. MnO2 + 4HCI – MnCI2 + 2H2O + Cl2
C. Zn(OH)2 + 2HCI – ZnCl2 + 2H2O
D. C2H2 + H2O – C2H5OH

26. A characteristic feature of a wind – pollinated flower is the possession of

A. brightly coloured petals
B. large petals
C. horny guider
D. large pendulous stamens

27. A body of mass 2 kg floats on water. If the density of water is 1000 kg m-3, determine the volume of the body.

A. 2.0 X 10 -1m3
B. 2.0 X 10-2m3
C. 2.0 X 10-3 m3
D. 2.0 X 102 m3

28. Which of the following functions is common to the skin and the lungs of a mammal?

A. conservation of energy
B. removal of water
C. reabsorption of glucose
D. removal of nitrogenous waste from the body

29. The major difference between a clayey soil and sandy soil is in their

A. colour
B. humus content
C. mineral content
D. texture

30. When a moving vehicle stops suddenly, the passengers jerk forward. This is due to the

A. wind surrounding the vehicle
B. force acting on the vehicle
C. reaction of the passenger
D. ability of the passengers to continue in motion

31. The main reason for growing ornamental plants is

A. for them to serve as a fence
B. for their medical value
C. to provide shad
D. for their decorative effect

32. The reaction between an alkanoic acid and an alkanol is known as

A. estrification
B. neutralization
C. plymerization
D. saponficiation

33. A microscopic organism in the nucleus enclose in a membrane belongs to the kingdom

A. amimalia
B. plantae
C. prokaryotae
D. protoctista

34. An object is placed between the optical centre and the principal focus of a converging lens. Th image formed is

A. magnified, virtual and erect
B. magnified, real and inverted
C. diminished, real and inverted
D. diminished, virtual and erect

35. The diagram below illustrates a/an
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A. anemometer
B. secchi disc
C. wind vane
D. quadrat

36. An example of a substance that boils at 100 degrees C and at one atmosphere is

A. a mixture of potassium chloride and distilled water
B. ice made from distilled water
C. ethanol mixed with 10% water
D. distilled water mixed with 10% alcohol

37. Which of the following statements about the uses of radioisotopes are correct?

I. preservation of food
II. killing of bacteria in water
III. sterilization of equipment
IV. treatment of cancer

A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and III Only
D. I, II and IV only

38. In which of the following media would sound travel fastest?

A. air
B. iron
C. water
D. wood

39. A homozygous black mouse is malted to a white mouse. If black is dominant to white colour, what will be the colour of the young mice?

A. all will be white
B. all will be black
C. some will be black and some will be white
D. each of them will be partly black and partly white

40. Which of the following energy transformations represents the changes that take place when a torchlight is switched on

A. chemical – heat – electrical – light
B. chemical – heat – light – electrical
C. chemical – electrical – heat – light
D. electrical – chemical – heat – light

41. Fermentation of corn dough occurs as a result of the

A. action of houseflies on the dough
B. action of microbes on the dough
C. presence of water in the dough
D. starch in the dough

42. Determine the current through the electrical circuit above when the sky is closed


43. Which of the following statements about a small-scale industry is correct? It

A. makes use of advanced technology
B. is always sited in rural areas
C. is always capital intensive
D. operates with the minimum input of materials

44. The most economical method of preserving fish in West Africa is

A. canning
B. drying
C. freezing
D. smoking

45. Evidence from comparative embryology in support of evolution shows that

A. embryos of different vertebrates have similar structures
B. embryos of different vertebrates have different structures
C. vertebrates evolved from different ancestors
D. bodies of different vertebrates have different body plan

46. Consider the following hazards

I. earthquake
II. asbestos dust
III. flooding
IV. forest fires

A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and III Only
D. I, III, and IV only

47. One of the following reasons for using a capacitor in an electronic circuit is to

A. amplify electronic signals
B. cut off the current flowing form the emitter
C. emit incoherent narrow spectrum light
D. differentiate between high frequency and low frequency signals

48. Which of the following statements explained why air is considered as a mixture?

I. there is no chemical formula for air
II. The constituents of air are not in fixed proportions
III. air has weight and occupies volume
IV. the constituents of air can be separated by physical means

A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and III only
D. I, II and IV only

49. An electronic device which allows an electric current to flow in one direction and blocks it in an opposite direction is called

A. capacitor
B. diode
C. inductor
D. transistor

50. Isotopes of a particular element have the same

A. atomic number
B. atomic mass
C. mass number
D. number of molecules

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