Integrated Science WASSCE 2011

1. Mirco-organisms that are used in the production of wine are

A. Bacteria
B. fungi
C. Viruses
D. yeast

2. All the following substances are air pollutants except

A. dust
B. exhaust fumes
C. fertilizer
D. sulphur dioxide

3. Which of the following instruments is suitable for measuring the diameter of a ball bearing?

A. metre rule
B. micrometer screw gauge
C. opisometer
D. vernier calipers

4. The development of secondary sexual characteristics in females is controlled by a hormone known as

A. oestrogen
B. progesterone
C. testosterone
D. thyroxine

5. All the following activities leads to global warming except

A. burning of wood for fuel
B. use of chlorofluorocarbons
C. burning of coal and oil
D. planting of trees

6. A good and reliable thermometer liquid

A. expands or cools uniformly
B. has a narrow temperature range
C. does not wet glass
D. vaporizes easily

7. Which of the following activities is not involved in the extraction of gold?

A. crushing of ore
B. concentration of ore
C. purification of ore
D. roasting of ore

8. Rusting can be considered as

A. a non-radio reaction
B. the formation of a complex hydrated oxide compound
C. tiny electrochemical cell
D. thinning process

9. All the following activities promote soil conservation except

A. growing of cover-crops
B. practising land rotation
C. over-cropping
D. erection of wind breaks

10. Metals are good conductors of electricity because they

A. are the hardest substances
B. contain free mobile electrons
C. are good conductors of heat
D. are ductile

11. An example of osmosis in living organisms is

A. absorption of end products of digestion in small intestines of mammals
B. movement of mineral salts from soil water into the cells of the roots hairs
C. absorption of water in the nephron of the kidney of mammals
D. movement of oxygen into the blood and carbon dioxide out of the lungs of mammals

12. The diagram below illustrates
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A. barometer
B. micrometer screw guage
C. opisometer
D. spring balance

13. Denitrifying bacteria reduce

A. ammonium ions to nitrate ions
B. nitrate ions to nitrate ions
C. nitrate ions into gaseous nitrogen
D. amino acids to ammonium salts

14. The point on the earth’s crust directly above the focus of an earthquake is called the

A. epicentre
B. fault
C. focus
D. pulp

15. The hardest part of the human tooth is the

A. cement
B. dentine
C. enamel
D. pulp

16. Which of the following activities is not required as first aid treatment when a person suffers from an electric shock?

A. turn off the electricity supply
B. check the pulse of the person
C. check mouth for food particles
D. use artificial respiration to fill the lungs with air

17. Which of the following statements about the users of satellites is/are correct?

I. weather forecasting
II. Television transmission
III. Petroleum exploration

A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II only

18. The time taken for a particle to undergo a complete oscillation is known as

A. amplitude
B. frequency
C. period
D. wavelength

19. A feature of anaerobic respiration that differentiates it from aerobic respiration is the

A. production of a lot of energy
B. requirement of oxygen
C. occurrence in the cytoplasm
D. production of carbon dioxide and water a by-products

20. Damage to the brain and spinal cord are usually permanent and irreversible because

A. damage nerve cells never heal
B. path of the nerve impulse is much longer
C. presence of chemicals in the brain
D. of the inability of pain receptors to carry impulses

21. A non-metal, X, combines chemically with aluminium (AL = 13) to form a compound. What is the chemical formula for the compound? {Electron configuration of X is 22s22p63s23p5}

D. AL2X3

22. Energy transformations in a hydroelectric dam can be represented as

A. potential energy – kinetic energy -electromagnetic energy – electrical energy
B. kinetic energy – electromagnetic energy – potential energy – electrical energy
C. Electromagnetic energy – potential energy – kinetic energy – electrical energy
D. potential energy – electromagnetic energy – kinetic energy – electrical energy

23. Organic compounds are different from inorganic compounds because organic compounds

A. are mostly ionic compounds
B. are less volatile
C. have very low melting points
D. are not inflammable

24. The occurrence of low and high sea tides is caused by the

A. difference in the repulsive force between the sun and the moon at different parts of the earth’s surface
B. short distance between the moon and the earth
C. reduced and increased attraction for sea water at different parts of the earth’s surface
D. attraction of sea water by the sun alone

25. Which of the following organs in the human body is responsible for removing urea?

A. kidneys
B. liver
C. lungs
D. rectum

26. A man whose blood group is AB and his wife’s is A, cannot have children with blood group

A. A
B. O
C. B

27. Which of the following groups of poultry require the highest amount of protein in their diet?

A. cockerels
B. cocks
C. hens
D. pullets

28. Storms occur as a result of the

A. rise and fall in different air masses
B. rise and fall in temperature
C. meeting of air masses at low pressure with wind
D. changes in the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere

29. During protein digestion in humans, the correct sequence of the secretion of specific enzymes in the stomach, the pancreas and the ileum is

A. trypsin – pepsin – erepsin
B. pepsin – trypsin – erepsin
C. trypsin – erepsin – pepsin
D. erepsin – pepsin – trypson

30. Which of the following characteristics are associated with igneous rocks?

I. contain no fossil
II. heavy, shiny and hard
III. stratified
IV. generally not resistant to weathering

A. I and II
B. I and III
C. II and III
D. I, II and III

31. An example of small scale industry in Ghana is the production of

A. Aluminium
B. Computers
C. Petrol
D. Soap

32. An infectious disease has the characteristics of

A. being resistant to treatment
B. easy transmission from one person to another
C. easy occurrence after treatment
D. being very chronic

33. A strong magnet can be demagnetized by

A. heating it to red-hot
B. putting it in a solenoid with a direct current
C. leaving it in water for a few days
D. placing it in a deep freezer overnight

34. One similarity between lymphatic and blood circulatory system is that they

A. do no form clot over wounds
B. protect the body against disease – causing organisms
C. carry red blood cells
D. transport energy to the tissues

35. Which of the following properties about gamma rays are not correct?

A. they have no charge
B. they are high electromagnetic waves
C. they have high penetrating power
D. they have high ionising power

36. Linnaeus system of classification of living things is based on

A. appearance and size
B. natural relationships
C. body size
D. jointed system

37. When an object is placed beyond the focus of a diverging lens, the image formed will be

A. inverted and enlarged
B. inverted and diminished
C. erect and diminished
D. erect and enlarged

38. All the following processes contributes to water cycle except

A. evaporation of sea and soil water
B. collection of rainwater into the sea
C. deforestation
D. cooling and condensation of water in clouds into rain

39. Which of the following statements about sound waves is not correct?

A. sound waves travels with same speed in different media
B. speed of sound waves in a medium depends on density and elasticity of the medium
C. speed of sound waves is lower than the speed of light
D. sound waves travel through all materials

40. The use of soda lime in a photosynthesis experiment is to

A. de-starch the plant
B. absorb carbon dioxide
C. soften the plant
D. decolourise the leaf

41. The stage in water purification in which the water is passed through a package of sand, fine stones and gravel is known as

A. chlorination
B. distillation
C. filtration
D. sedimentation

42. Roughage in human diet

A. is responsible for metabolism
B. acts as a medium of fat soluble vitamins
C. prevents constipation
D. helps heal wounds

43. A farmer included a leguminous plants as one of the crops on his crop rotation programme in order to

A. obtain a balanced diet
B. enrich the soil with nitrogen
C. get forage to feed farm animals
D. check soil erosion

44. The vetebrae column in humans

A. encloses and protects the brain
B. bridges the gap between fore and hind limbs
C. aids in breathing
D. encloses the spinal cord

45. Which of the following electrical appliances allows minimum use of energy?

A. 8 KW refrigerator for 3 days
B. 750 W pressing iron for 2 days
C. 2 KW kettle for 7 days
D. 100 W table lamps for 10 days

46. The part of the plant cell that contains the mitochondria is the

A. cell wall
B. cell membrane
C. cytoplasm
D. nucleus

47. When the number of pulleys in the block and tackle system is increased the

I. velocity ratio is increased
II. mechanical advantage is increased
III. efficiency is decreased

Which of the statements above are correct?

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and II only
D. I, II and III

48. The photovoltaic module of solar panel

A. traps heat from the solar radiation
B. converts heat from the solar radiation into electrical energy
C. use radiant energy to heat water
D. stores solar energy

49. The main sources of greenhouse gases are

A. ammonia gas, water vapour and carbon monoxide
B. carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide
C. aerosol propellants, burning of fossil fuels, and methane
D. water vapour, methane and hydrogen sulphide

50. Flowers with brightly coloured petals

A. promote the development of ovules
B. induce the production of large fruits
C. aid pollination by animals
D. accelerate ripening of fruits

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