Information and Communications Technology ICT BECE 2016

45 minutes
Answer all questions

1. The brain of the computer is the

(A) monitor
(B) system software
(C) read only memory
(D) central processing unit

2. An example of output device is the

(A) keyboard
(B) mouse
(C) printer
(D) scanner

3. One byte is equal to

(A) two bits
(B) eight bits
(C) sixteen bits
(D) one thousand bits

4. To boot a computer means to

(A) put it off
(B) put it on
(C) restart it
(D) take it away

5. The horizontal bar that normally lies at the bottom of a computer desktop screen is called

(A) taskbar
(B) start button
(C) horizontal ruler
(D) quick launch toolbar

6. A folder within another folder is called

(A) file
(B) subfolder
(C) inside folder
(D) innermost folder

7. Processing material which is meaningful to the user in computing is called

(A) data
(B) file
(C) information
(D) record

8. The copyright laws protect the works of an author for a period of his life time and

(A) 40 years after his death
(B) 50 years after his death
(C) 60 years after his death
(D) 70 years after his death

9. An example of a function key on the computer keyboard is

(A) F1
(B) Q
(C) @
(D) NmLk

10. Entry of data into a computer is termed

(A) input
(B) output
(C) process
(D) distribution

11. The following are hardware components except

(A) keyboard
(B) monitor
(C) mouse
(D) windows

12. The following devices can be found in the system unit except

(A) ports
(B) memory
(C) motherboard
(D) scroll wheel

13. The method of producing copies of a document is termed

(A) copying
(B) pasting
(C) photocopying
(D) printing

14. Storage media that are similar to compact discs but store more data are known as

(A) pen drives
(B) hard disks
(C) floppy disks
(D) digital versatile discs

15. To boot a computer system, the user needs

(A) printer attached
(B) operating system
(C) virus checking program
(D) word processing software

16. The number of command buttons on the control menu are

(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

17. The location where a file is stored is called

(A) folder
(B) icon
(C) page
(D) website

18. Viewing television for long periods can damage an individual’s

(A) eye
(B) head
(C) mouth
(D) nose

19. Which of the following is an effect of loud ringing tone of mobile phone?

(A) Headache
(B) Wrist pain
(C) Bleeding nose
(D) Damage to hearing

20. Which of the following cannot cause virus infection?

(A) Internet
(B) Input devices
(C) Computer network
(D) Removable storage devices

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