Information and Communications Technology ICT BECE 2015

45 minutes
Answer all questions

  1. Which of the following computer keyboard keys is used to type upper case letters when the caps lock light is off?
    (A) Control key
    (B) Enter key
    (C) Insert key
    (D) Shift key
  2. Which of the following devices are used to feed a computer system with data?
    (A) Keyboard and monitor
    (B) Keyboard and mouse
    (C) Mouse and monitor
    (D) Mouse and printer
  3. A computer accepts data input, processes the data and produces
    (A) byte
    (B) data
    (C) output
    (D) storage
  4. The component of the computer that houses the motherboard and the power supply unit is called…
    (A) central processing unit
    (B) monitor
    (C) printer
    (D) system unit
  5. Which component of the computer resembles the typewriter?
    (A) Keyboard
    (B) Monitor
    (C) Mouse
    (D) Webcam
  6. The optical storage media among the following is
    (A) compact disc
    (B) floppy disk
    (C) hard disk
    (D) magnetic disk
  7. Which of the following media stores data temporarily?
    (A) Floppy Disk
    (B) Hard Disk
    (C) Random Access Memory
    (D) Read Only Memory
  8. Which of the following devices must be turned on first when booting the computer?
    (A) Central Processing Unit
    (B) Monitor
    (C) Printer
    (D) System Unit
  9. The part of the central processing unit responsible for performing all logical operations is
    (A) ALU
    (B) CU
    (C) RAM
    (D) ROM
  10. When files and folders are deleted from the computer, they go into the
    (A) Briefcase
    (B) Desktop
    (C) Delete bin
    (D) Recycle bin
  11. Which of the following gives the user a log of all opened programs?
    (A) Start button
    (B) Start menu
    (C) Taskbar
    (D) Title bar
  12. Which of the following would happen when a user double clicks on a folder?
    (A) A sub-folder would be created
    (B) The folder would be closed
    (C) The folder would be deleted
    (D) The folder would be opened
  13. Dragging a folder from one drive to a window on the same drive is equivalent to a
    (A) copy operation
    (B) cut operation
    (C) delete operation
    (D) move operation
  14. The process whereby the computer manipulates data to produce information is known as
    (A) capturing
    (B) processing
    (C) recording
    (D) retrieving
  15. The stages of information processing cycle under ICT are
    (A) input, output, process and distribution
    (B) input, process, output and distribution
    (C) input, process, distribution and output
    (D) input, distribution, output and process
  16. Which of the following is a problem to computer users as a result of radiation from the monitor?
    (A) Body pains
    (B) Dizziness
    (C) Eye irritation
    (D) Loss of grip strength
  17. Which of the following is a reason for copyrighting ICT tools or technologies?
    (A) To avoid distribution of viruses
    (B) To encourage people to make illegal copies
    (C) To protect the intellectual works of the inventors
    (D) To ensure poorer people do not have access to ICT tools
  18. Which of the following is a bad practice in the usage of ICT tools?
    (A) Making or receiving phone calls whilst driving
    (B) Not receiving phone calls when charging it
    (C) Use of air conditioning to improve dry atmosphere
    (D) Use of footstools to adjust leg positioning when working on computers
  19. To search for information on various topics, which of the following packages is used?
    (A) Database
    (B) Encarta
    (C) Presentation
    (D) Spreadsheet
  20. If a user places the mouse cursor at one end of a text, holds down the left button and drag to the other end of the text, the effect will be
    (A) copying the text
    (B) cutting the text
    (C) moving the text
    (D) selecting the text

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