Information and Communications Technology ICT BECE 2012

45 Minutes

1. The device that converts computer output into displayed images is the
A. hard disk
B. monitor
C. printer
D. processor

2. The least number of input devices that a computer system can have is
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

3. Which of the following devices has the largest storage capacity
A. Compact disc
B. Digital versatile disc
C. Floppy disk
D. Hard disk

4. The device used to ensure a constant flow of power supply to a computer system is the
A. stabilizer
B. step-down transformer
C. step-up transformer
D. uninterruptible power supply

5. The total number of command buttons on the title bar of an opened word processing window is
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

6. Processed or transformed facts which are meaningful to the user is called
A. data
B. information
C. input
D. output

7. The following are possible health hazards of prolonged use of the computer system except
A. back and neck pains
B. eye strain
C. tuberculosis
D. wrist pains

8. Which key on the keyboard is used to erase characters from right to left in word processing application?
A. Backspace
B. Delete
C. Insert
D. Pause

9. The key on the QWERTY keyboard used to produce alphabetic upper case letters is
A. Caps Lock
B. Home
C. Num Lock
D. Tab

10. Given sizes and designs of letters, numbers and symbols that are displayed in a word processing document are referred to as
A. align
B. bullet
C. font
D. indent

11. Which of the following is a tool on the drawing toolbar of a word processing program?
A. Align
B. Bold
C. View
D. Oval

12. When an image is copied, it first goes to the
A. clip art
B. clipboard
C. my document
D. recycle bin

13. To press the letter J, which finger is appropriate to use on a QWERTY keyboard?
A. Left index finger
B. Left middle finger
C. Right index finger
D. Right middle finger

14. The internet is a
A. global network of computers
B. government agency that links computers
C. software for designing programs
D. special network of computers in an office

15. The computer equivalence of a sheet of paper divided into rows and columns in the office suite is called
A. database
B. electronic sheet
C. spreadsheet
D. word processor

16. The temporary working memory of a computer system is the
A. arithmetic logic unit
B. flash memory
C. random access memory
D. read only memory

17. The software responsible for the management of the basic operations of the computer is the
A. application program
B. device drivers
C. operating system
D. utility program

18. The bar on the desktop which displays opened applications and other icons is referred to as
A. scroll bar
B. taskbar
C. title bar
D. toolbar

19. The act of pressing a computer mouse button twice quickly without moving the mouse is termed
A. double clicking
B. right clicking
C. single clicking
D. normal clicking

20. The following are good practices in the computing environment except
A. copyrighting of software
B. designing of cards
C. networking of computers
D. pirating of software

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