English Language BECE 1991

August 1991
45 minutes


Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions which follow

When Mr Appiah looked at the two happy faces of his nephews, he forgot about his aching feet and smiled. He had spent the whole day showing Asare and Attah, who came from the village, around Accra. He was satisfied that they were happy. It was not until they were seated on a bench in the public garden that he realized how hot, tired and dusty he was.

It was a long time since he had walked so much. Like many other successful men, Mr Appiah had acquired the habit of going everywhere in his car, so that day’s sight-seeing expedition had worn him out.
“Well, what do you think of Accra?” He asked the boys.
“Oh!” exclaimed Attah. “it’s a wonderful place!”
“I didn’t imagine any place could be like this, Uncle‟ said Asare, “Everything is so splendid. The roads are very wide and the buildings magnificent”.

Boys, don’t get the wrong impression. Today you’ve seen the best parts of our city, but there are bad areas with buildings falling apart, narrow streets and insanitary conditions. However, these buildings are being demolished, said Mr. Appiah.

1. Mr Appiah was hot, tired and dusty because ………..
A. he had gone to bring his nephews from the village.
B. he had taken his nephews to the high buildings
C. he had shown the boys around the city of Accra.
D. he had helped them to demolish the buildings
E. he had been satisfied that the boys were happy

2. Where were the boys living before visiting Accra?
A. In the high buildings
B. In the village
C. In the big houses
D. In the public gardens
E. In the building falling apart.

3. Everything is so splendid means everything is …………..
A. satisfactory
B. magnificent
C. important
D. brilliant
E. special

4. According to the passage many successful men are used to ………..
A. walking around Accra
B. bringing their nephews from the village to Accra
C. going on sight-seeing in the city of Accra
D. talking with boys in the public gardens
E. riding in cars wherever they go

5. Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage?
A. Every part of the city is wonderful and splendid
B. Mr Appiah normally rides in his car
C. Asare and Attah are in Accra for the first time
D. The boys rested in the public gardens
E. The boys as well as Mr Appiah must have been hot, tired and dusty

6. Insanitary conditions in the last paragraph means ………….
A. some people in Accra are insane
B. some places in Accra are dirty and unclean
C. insanitary is seen in all conditions in the city
D. unsatisfactory reports about the city
E. there are many sanitary inspectors in Accra

7. Demolished as used in the passage means
A. replaced
B. repaired
C. painted
D. pulled down
E. hire out


The Akosombo Dam and the great Volta Lake are famous over the world. The two main reasons for building the dam were, to generate electricity and to use the electricity for the production of aluminium from bauxite.
Aluminium is used throughout the world; so both the production of electricity and the production of aluminium are of great value to Ghana.

It may seem strange to talk about producing electricity by building a dam, but in fact a lot of dams have been built all over the world for this purpose. What happens is that a concrete wall, called a dam, is constructed across a river at a narrow point. A large lake then develops behind the wall. Tunnels are made in the dam so that water from the lake can rush fiercely through them. This powerful flow of water is used to drive huge machines called turbines, to generate electricity. All that the engineers need is the water rushing down from the lake, and all this costs them nothing! But of course the building of the dam and the fixing of the machines cost a great deal of money.

Big dams have been built in many parts of the world. The Akosombo Dam is one of the biggest. However, the lake, which has been formed, is in fact the biggest man-made lake in the world.

8. The main reasons why Akosombo Dam was built were ……….
A. to produce electricity to manufacture aluminium
B. to produce electricity from aluminium and bauxite
C. to find the mineral called bauxite and use it
D. to use aluminium and electricity
E. to make aluminium, bauxite and electricity

9. Aluminium is produced from …………
A. dams
B. electricity
C. bauxite
D. machine
E. tunnels

10. From the passage, dams are built all over the world mainly to ……….
A. produce aluminium from bauxite
B. provide water for the generation of electricity
C. extract bauxite from lakes
D. provide water for drinking
E. make electricity cheap

11. Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage?
A. The Akosombo Dam is the biggest in the world
B. The production of both electricity and aluminium is of great value to Ghana
C. Water from the lake runs fiercely through tunnels
D. The Akosombo dam is valuable to Ghana
E. A great collection of water running through tunnels can produce electricity anywhere in the world.

12. According to the passage which of the following statements is true?
A. In building dams rivers are blocked at their broadcast points
B. Water is used to produce electricity
C. Building the dam and fixing machines to produce electricity cost nothing at all
D. In producing electricity engineers need a lot of petrol to drive the machines
E. Turbines are used in the production of electricity

13. The most suitable title for the passage is
A. Akosombo and Bauxite
B. Electricity from water
C. Dams of the world
D. Electricity and power
E. Aluminium from electricity

Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence

14. Your dress material is inferior to what I bought from the shop. This means that your dress material is ……
A. of poor quality
B. very beautiful
C. brightly coloured
D. expensive

15. The girl is a spendthrift: she used all her pocket money to buy a pair of shoes. This means ………
A. careless
B. bold
C. extravagant
D. kind

16. The pupils in the town often help in communal activities. This means that they help in ………
A. all activities
B. interesting activities
C. public activities
D. usual activities

17. The aroma of Kate’s food made everyone hungry. This means the food …………..
A. smells good
B. is tasty
C. is spicy
D. is valuable

From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

18. He wasn’t at the scene of the accident, ………..?
A. wasn’t he
B. isn’t it
C. did he
D. was he

19. You don’t speak Chinese, ……….?
A. do you
B. can you
C. don’t you
D. won’t you

20. We worked hard in our final year, ……….?
A. did we
B. isn’t it
C. aren’t we
D. didn’t we

21. They have lost the match, ……..?
A. didn’t they
B. isn’t it
C. haven’t they
D. is it

22. He has stolen the box …………..
A. in which we kept the gold chain
B. which we kept in the gold chain
C. we kept the gold chain
D. where we kept the gold chain

23. ………hard he tried, Adansi came last in the test.
A. Whatever
B. How
C. Whenever
D. However

24. Akwetey did the exercise …………
A. even though he was sick
B. during which he was sick
C. but he was sick
D. for which he was sick

25. We are not allowed …………..
A. to walk at the lawn
B. to be walking across the lawn
C. walking across the lawn
D. to walk across the lawn

26. Everybody was pleased ……..the pastor’s sermon.
A. for
B. in
C. with
D. at

27. John’s father congratulated him ………his success in the examination
A. on
B. during
C. at
D. to

28. The patient is generally recovering ………..his illness
A. from
B. with
C. for
D. during

29. We have been in this school ……….three years
A. since
B. in
C. by
D. for

30. It would be unwise to ………the chance of making extra money.
A. throw away
B. throw in
C. throw over
D. throw by

31. Koku was sad when he lost his mother but he will soon ……….it
A. get along
B. get on
C. get by
D. get over

32. ………….these words in your dictionary.
A. Look around
B. Look on
C. Look up
D. Look about

33. If he …………the elections he would have become an assemblyman.
A. won
B. has won
C. had won
D. should win

34. If he continues to work hard, he ……..his examination with ease.
A. will pass
B. is passing
C. has passed
D. would pass

35. The news he brought ……….bad
A. are
B. were
C. has been
D. was

From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence

36. The headmaster thanked his teachers for a wonderful job done.
A. quick
B. difficult
C. big
D. bad
E. odd

37. The present day youth still indulge in all forms of drug abuse.
A. avoid
B. increase
C. discourage
D. disallow
E. discontinue

38. Some people prefer to eat lean meat.
A. uncooked
B. fatty
C. spoilt
D. bloody
E. tasty

39. Kojo’s teacher was reluctant to accept his explanation for being late to school.
A. willing
B. afraid
C. unable
D. planning
E. likely

40. The workers wanted their director to hold the meeting.
A. continue
B. delay
C. cancel
D. support
E. interrupt