BDT Home Economics BECE 2012

[WpProQuiz 37]

April 2012
(Home Economics 1)
Objective Test
40 minutes

1. Which of the sets are temporary stitches?

A. Basting and tracking
B. Hemming and basting
C. Tracking and hemming
D. Tracking and running

2. The main vitamin Ama gets when she eats oranges is

A. vitamin C
B. vitamin D
C. vitamin E
D. vitamin K

3. Crockery is a collection of

A. forks and spoons
B. glasses and spoons
C. plates and forks
D. plates and glasses

4. The arrangement of the shapes in a picture is known as:

A. blending
B. composition
C. drawing
D. toning

5. Which of the following colours produces a feeling of coolness?

A. blue
B. orange
C. violet
D. white

6. The aspect of analysis which considers the appearance of an artefact is known as

A. aesthetics
B. construction
C. ergonomics
D. function

7. In designing, possible solutions are generated by the use of

I. observation
II. drawing
III. sketches

Which of the following options are correct?

A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. I and III only
D. I, II and III

8. Drawing of an object starts with

A. colour
B. line
C. shape
D. texture

9. Which of the following colours is used to represent an earth wire?

A. blue
B. brown
C. red
D. yellow

The figure below is a wooden block. Use it to answer question 10 and 11

10. Which of the following views represent the plan?

11. The left-end view is represented by

12. Weakness on a joint of furniture may be due to

A. excessive glueing
B. hammering hard
C. missing nail
D. over polishing

13. Which of the following options suggest a dot in nature?

A. a cube of sugar
B. a grain of sand
C. footpath lane
D. Veins of a leaf

14. The B range of pencils are the

A. finest
B. hardest
C. smoothest
D. softest

15. Mounting an exhibition enables the dressmaker to

I. show her handiwork
II. attract customers
III. increase her income
IV. show her generosity

A. I, II and III only
B. I, II and IV only
C. II and IV
D. III and IV only

16. The movement of the sewing machine needle is controlled by the

A. tension disc
B. needle clamp
C. balance wheel
D. bobbin winder

17. Which of the following best explains why Ama’s woolen cardigan shrunk? It was

A. washed with warm water
B. dried in the shade
C. washed with hot soapy water
D. pressed with a warm iron

18. Burnt silk smells like burnt hair because it originates from a/an

A. vegetable source
B. synthetic source
C. regenerated source
D. animal source

19. One disadvantage of nylon in warm climate is that it

A. becomes weak when wet
B. cannot stand frequent laundering
C. is a good conductor of heat
D. is absorbent

20. Which of the following stitches must be worked on only the wrong side of an article?

A. hemming
B. loop
C. overcastting
D. running

21. A long sleeve shirt can be renovated into a ………… sleeve

A. kimono
B. puff
C. ragan
D. short

22. Which of the following sets comprises career opportunities for sewing students?

A. Dressmaking, computer programming and basketry
B. Dressmaking, hair dressing and interior decorating
C. Dressmaking, tailoring and teaching
D. Tailoring, catering and computer programming

23. The commonest tool in the kitchen is the

A. cooker
B. cook’s knife
C. food safe
D. shelf

24. The main use of the colander is for

A. draining
B. sifting
C. steaming
D. straining

25. Scalds are caused by

A. candle light
B. coal pot fire
C. gas fire
D. hot water

26. Food is garnished mainly to make it:

A. attractive
B. balanced
C. delicious
D. nutritious

27. A meal served at mid-morning or mid-afternoon is known as

A. breakfast
B. brunch
C. elevenses
D. snack

28. Conduction is a

A. way of heat transfer
B. method of cooking
C. way of preparing food
D. method of preserving food

29. A basic flour mixture is known as

A. butter
B. pancake
C. queen cake
D. rock bun

30. Portion control helps the caterer to

I. avoid waste of food
II. cut down cost of food
III. buy good food
IV. make profit on food sold

A. I. and III only
B. II, III and IV only
C. I, II and IV only
D. II and III only